WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at new Rob Ford video

TORONTO — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was back on late night television Tuesday, only hours after a video surfaced showing his bizarre late night rant inside a Rexdale restaurant.

“He’s back, folks,” declared Jimmy Kimmel. “He’s back for an all new season of Super Mayor. Thank you, Canada. This almost makes up for Justin Bieber.”

In his opening monologue, the Jimmy Kimmel Live host showed a clip from the video that was posted on YouTube.

“Just when you thought he couldn’t possibly pull another nugget out of his bag of crazy, he gets drunk and speaks Jamaican at a Steak Queen,” Kimmel said. “When you’re the best, that’s what you do.”

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The late night funnyman explained that Ford appeared to have cleaned up his act.

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“He claims he’s been exercising, he says he hasn’t been drinking. He even hasn’t done crack, he says, and that’s big for him because he loves crack,” joked Kimmel. “Unfortunately the streak of good behaviour appears to have ended last night.”

Kimmel referred to Councillor Doug Ford — who insisted the mayor had not been drinking — as “the most loyal brother in the world.”