Nikki Jhutti


Videographer Nikki Jhutti joined the CKWS team after spending a year with Newswatch’s sister station CHEX TV in Peterborough.  Nikki graduated from the Broadcast Journalist program at Seneca College. She got her start when a station from Timmins, Ontario called her while she was on the Tower of Terror at  Disneyworld asking her to come in for an interview.  Nikki got that job and packed up all her winter clothes and drove north, really north to join Eastlink TV News.  Shortly after that Nikki made the jump to CTV Northern Ontario, reporting from its Timmins bureau.  After spending three years bundled up in the great white north, Nikki decided to move closer to home and joined CHEX TV.

When Nikki isn’t out chasing stories you’ll find her doing what she loves best – catching a Jays or Raptors game!  In her spare time she enjoys travelling, camping, playing sports and of course shopping!

To contact Nikki, just send her an Email, or you can follow her on twitter @CKWS_Nikki

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