Chris Jancelewicz
Online Managing Editor, Lifestyle & Trending

Chris has been immersed in entertainment journalism for more than 12 years, covering TV, movies, celebrity and pop culture. Formerly the Entertainment editor at HuffPost Canada, Chris has interviewed hundreds (if not thousands) of celebrities, ranging from D-list to A-list. Among his favourites are Quentin Tarantino, Betty White, Margaret Cho and Keanu Reeves, though Chris enjoys interviewing just about anybody.

Prior to his time on red carpets Chris wrote about a variety of topics, from medicine and health to lifestyle and fashion, for multiple websites. He’s an unabashed TV addict (many shows he watches he won’t admit to here), loves movies, and shamefully reads tabloid magazines in the grocery store checkout. He was one of the featured cast members in Behind the Red Carpet, a 2014 documentary about the real goings-on at the Toronto Film Festival.

Chris now runs all Lifestyle, Entertainment and Trending content on

When he’s off-duty, Chris loves the beach and the sun as well as his #1 destination: Las Vegas.

You can follow Chris on Twitter.


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