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Sarah Offin has been chasing news since high school, working for a local newspaper and radio station in her hometown of Mackenzie, B.C. Rooted by her first job at a lumber mill, Sarah’s rugged charm makes her well-suited for life as an intrepid reporter.

She was brought to Calgary in 2004, drawn by her love of speed skating, to study at U of C, and skate at the neighbouring Olympic Oval. She finished part of her Communications Studies degree studying in Leicester, England, before returning to Calgary and earning her Broadcasting diploma at SAIT Polytechnic.

Her first television job was in Lloydminster, reporting and anchoring at Newcap TV. From there, she took to the sky in Calgary, reporting traffic from the Global One helicopter in 2009. She also worked in Red Deer and Edmonton before making  the move back to Global Calgary in 2011, as a reporter and fill-in traffic anchor.

You’ll find her chasing wildlife and exploring Alberta’s great outdoors, both in her work and in her spare time.

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