9 great pool games to keep cool this summer

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Sure, lounging in the pool on a whimsical popsicle floatie can be a delightful way to unwind, but if you’re planning to spend a few hours at a pool party or enjoying a sunny afternoon in your backyard, you might find yourself craving a bit more action to stay cool and entertained. Whether you’re with friends or family, adding a splash of activity can turn a good time into an unforgettable experience.

From engaging exercises to fun games that involve the kids and spark hidden talents, here are some fantastic water activities to keep everyone moving and making memories!


Water blasters are durable and versatile, perfect for epic water fights or creating fun pool fountains. They’re a family favorite—floatable, leak-free and nearly indestructible, ensuring endless, hassle-free fun at any pool party!
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This top-seller takes the pool ball game to the next level. While we’ve all played some version of batting a beach ball back and forth, this realistic looking net and volleyball will bring out the competitive streak at your next pool party, or at the lake.


Say goodbye to post-fight messes with these reusable water balloons! No more picking up bits of plastic—just fill, snap and play. Magnetically sealed and refillable, the 12-pack offers limitless pool or yard fun, hassle-free.


For safe and versatile pool basketball, a floating hoop is your best bet. Unlike wall-mounted versions, it reduces the risk of accidents when kids go for dunks near the pool’s edge. Perfect for any pool size, from small aboveground to large inground, this sturdy hoop can handle dunks from kids and adults alike.
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Experience the magic of dribbling underwater with this incredible ball! Simply fill it with water, seal and it’s ready for action. Perfect for summer gatherings, this ball lets kids and adults pass and kick up to 2.4 meters underwater. Dive in and impress everyone!


Bring the cornhole craze to the pool! Set up is quick—just anchor the game pieces. The “beanbags” skip across the water, adding a fun, challenging twist to the traditional game. Perfect for poolside competition!
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Dive toys are a guaranteed hit. Perfect for all ages, they turn pool time into a thrilling challenge. Race to collect them all or compete to see who grabs the most first.
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Or try the diving rings! (They sit upright at the bottom for easy access for younger kids.)


If raucous ball games don’t appeal to grandma or to your younger nephews and nieces, this game may be more their speed. Brightly coloured, quick to inflate and fairly durable, pool-goers will enjoy a slower afternoon of fun with this product.


When the swimming fun continues into those long, dog day evenings, add a light-up ball to the mix! These are great for being able to see the ball during a nighttime game, or just float several in the pool for a beautiful summer evening glow.
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