Cook outside all summer long with these must-have items

Cook outside all summer long with our favourite backyard cooking tools and accessories.

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Is there anything better during the summer months than hanging out with family and friends in the backyard with some cold drinks and good food? We can’t think of anything, so this summer we’re all about using our outdoor spaces to the max and cooking up juicy burgers, smoky turkey legs and flame-grilled veggies — and that’s just to start.

If you’re looking to cook up delicious meals that go beyond basic grilling in your backyard this summer, here are some of our must-haves.


Sure, you’ve got a firepit set up and ready for some roasted marshmallow action, but do you have a grill to cook fire-roasted veggies, steaks and sausages on? This campfire grill isn’t meant for direct contact cooking, but throw a cast iron pan on it when you’re feeling peckish and you can whip up a backyard fire snack in no time. This grill is easy to set up and nests over the fire, then folds up for compact storage when you’re done.
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There’s nothing like making roasted marshmallows (and s’mores!) in your own backyard, but finding a mallow-worthy stick or storing those long metal pokers can be a hassle. That’s why we love these retractable, colour-coded sticks. The whole family can roast up some sweet treats from a safe distance, all while remembering which stick is theirs. When you’re done, these sticks fold up neatly into the accompanying case.


If you love the idea of outdoor pizza, smoked pork, dehydrated treats and char-roasted steaks, this 8-in-1 outdoor oven might be your dream backyard addition. It whips up brick-oven inspired pizzas in about three minutes but can also fit a 12-pound turkey, and adds a smoky flavour to almost anything you’re dreaming of cooking up.


There’s nothing like low-and-slow brisket or ribs, and thanks to the array of smokers out there, that smoked flavour is easy to achieve in your yard. This is one of the most highly reviewed backyard smokers on the market thanks to its precision heat control and dual cooking grates, which let you smoke multiple items at once. The retro design is a cool addition to any backyard and it comes with a cover to keep it safely stored while not in use.
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Fresh pizza from an outdoor oven is next-level good, and these days you don’t need to create a brick centrepiece in your yard to recreate that experience at home. The Ooni pizza oven is one of our favourites, since it whips up stone-baked pizza in just 60 seconds. It’s also light, easy to use, and fits in any outdoor space, which makes it an overall win in our pizza-loving hearts.


Grills are great for outdoor cooking, but if you want to whip up pancakes, smash burgers, fish or bacon for a crowd, griddles are where it’s at. These flat surfaces allow you to cook items you couldn’t do on a grill, all while delivering those freshly barbecued vibes. This flat-top is powerful, easy to use, and provides 775 of cooking space, which makes it ideal when serving the whole family.
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No space for an entire griddle in the yard? Grab a cast iron griddle insert to throw over your barbecue grill instead. This dual-sided offering from Lodge fits over two stovetop burners, can be used on the barbecue, and may even fit some camping ovens if you’re hitting the great outdoors. 
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No matter what method you’re using to cook outside, you want to ensure your food is thoroughly and properly cooked. The best way to do that is with a thermometer, preferably one that gives you an instant reading. This infrared thermometer is ideal because you can point and click, letting juices stay inside your food until it’s time to dig in.



These trendy rolling baskets are a hit with the TikTok crowd and for good reason: they let you barbecue smaller items with ease. Use them for delicate items like fish or small veggies, rolling them with each turn of the wrist for an even cook. When you’re done, one basket nestles inside the other for easy storage.


One of the best parts about outdoor cooking is all of the sauces and condiments you get to use. Keep everything neat and organized with this caddy, which also has space for paper towels and utensils. Grab it via the accessible handle and get grilling faster, then use it to quickly set the table when you’re ready to eat.
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