We tested these foot spa products for the perfect at-home pedicure

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Sandal season is almost here, but after a long winter of hiding toes away, your feet may be in need of a little TLC. Sure, a spa pedicure is always a nice treat, but sometimes you just need to treat yourself at home in front of the TV.

If you’re wondering how to do a pedicure at home or what you can use to feel good about your feet, we’ve sourced and tested all of the essential tools and products.


Trim and shape

The first step to any great at-home pedicure is to trim and shape your nails. To do that you’ll need sturdy clippers that will fit wider toenails.

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This two-piece set comes in a compact carrying case and works on hands and feet, giving you a smooth and gentle cut. It also comes with a nail file piece that helps dig extra dirt out from under your nails and can polish jagged edges.


Time to soak

You can give yourself a quick pedicure out of the shower, but if you want to soften feet and make it easier to remove dry or dead skin, soak those toes for a few minutes first. Have a bath or invest in a foot-soak tub and fill it up with foot salt for a spa-like moment.

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This foot bath is good for smaller spaces because it folds up for easy storage. It also comes with a heat control, so you don’t have to worry about the water getting cold, and the cord is long enough to easily set it up in front of the TV. If you like foot rubs, there are rollers for a little DIY massage, but *note* this isn’t the same feeling as getting a professional treatment.


Tea tree oil is believed to have antibacterial properties, which is why it’s a popular foot soak ingredient. It also just smells nice in this particular foot soak, and the crystals disintegrated quickly into the water. Our feet felt extra smooth after about 20 minutes of soaking them in it, plus they smelled nice.


Clean your cuticles

After you thoroughly dry your feet, you’ll notice your cuticles feel softer. That makes them easier to clean, trim and push back. Be careful not to push too hard and damage nail beds, and don’t force or tear the cuticle either. Sharp, clean tools are essential to avoid injury or infection.

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You don’t need a super expensive cuticle set to neatly trim cuticles during your pedicure. This trio comes in a pretty rainbow colour. The flat head is good for pushing back cuticles while the sharp head is good for tough corners. This set also includes a scraper for gel polish and clippers for clean cutting.


Slough off dry areas

Our feet go through a lot, so it’s only normal that they host calluses and rough patches. Regularly removing dead skin from the feet helps to keep them hydrated and healthy, however, so don’t forget this important pedicure step.

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Quickly file off dead skin and calluses with this lightweight, rechargeable shaver. It’s gentler than a regular foot buff because it glides easily over affected areas without having to apply additional pressure. We were happy with how smooth our heels felt after using the highly reviewed product. It also comes with several heads and is quick to clean under running water.
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If you prefer removing dead skin by hand, the “cheese grater” is always a pedicure favourite. We love this callus remover for its sharp grooves and lightweight design. It’s easy to use on wet or dry feet and comes with a cloth bag for safe storage.


If you’ve got a big event coming up or your feet need a particularly good scrub down, this is one powerful foot mask. A couple of days after using this mask our feet began shedding like a lizard, revealing smooth skin underneath. It’s an effective way to get rid of dead skin but be warned you will need to wear socks for at least a week after using it because skin will continue to shed.
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Paint your toes and moisturize your skin

If you’re going to paint your toes, do so before you apply any moisturizer, which can stick to those freshly cleaned toenails.


There’s much debate over the potential long-term effects of gel pedicures, so do your research if you choose to grab a bottle. In the meantime, we love the way this non-gel nail polish glides onto nails and the bright colours it produces.


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Protect nails from staining and reduce the look of ridges with this base coat. Using it as your first layer can also help polish stay on for longer because it reduces the likelihood of chips from uneven surfaces.


Give nails a high gloss shine and seal in the colour with this protective and long-lasting topcoat. We love how quickly it dries, although it has a thick consistency so it may not be your go-to for lighter colours with lots of layers.


Peppermint is believed to have cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, which feel good on tired and cracked feet. As a result, this minty foot cream instantly moisturizes feet and leaves them feeling softer and smoother, especially after a long day. We use it post-pedicure but also as part of our bedtime routine, keeping those toes fresh and moisturized between treatments.
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