Mane attraction: Tips for healthy hair, lashes and brows

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Mane attraction: Tips for healthy locks, lashes and brows
Mane attraction: Tips for healthy locks, lashes and brows – Apr 17, 2024

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When it comes to our collective obsession with being able to sprout, landscape and maintain healthy hair (where we actually want it!) – the struggle is real. Let’s comb through some bestselling options and get your mane attraction back on track.


With eyebrows, we can all agree that literally every strand of these little face-shapers should be treated like royalty. And while I blame the entire female cast of Melrose Place for the over-tweezed destruction of my own eyebrows in the nineties, I have successfully re-booted them thanks to research, patience, and endless product testing.


Overplucked? Out of shape? Too many tones? Thanks to silhouette and shade variety, you can create flawless brows with user-friendly stamp and shaping kit from iMethod.
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Apply Rogaine For Women twice a day, and you’ll see results in as little as four months (which will feel like four decades in eyebrow speak, but who’s counting).


With ten shades (including a ‘cool grey’ option) Gimme Brow+ Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel by Benefit won’t grow you any new brows – but it will add much-welcomed depth and dimension to your existing hair.



While prescription-only Latisse remains the gold standard for true hair regrowth, protecting your blinkers – natural or otherwise – is mission critical. Consider serums, gentle makeup removal tools and protective sleep products as key members of your Pit Crew.

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With 3D socket contours, memory foam and light-blocking seaming, this zero-eye pressure sleep mask from Halo is like a giant blackout curtain for your peepers.


For a quick, Kardashian-caliber boost, Quo Beauty’s vegan magnetic lashes add length and volume. Curator tip: remember to trim the length of the strips to closely fit your own eye shape, where necessary.


I swear by these micro applicators-slash-brushes-slash-swabs for everything from applying lash glue to removing liquid liner like a board-certified beauty surgeon.
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Diet, age, stress and fluctuating hormone levels can all contribute to (arg!) hair loss. My advice? Do not throw in the towel. Lace up those boxing gloves, get in the ring and fight for every last follicle.


While organic castor oil will not grow new hair, it will absolutely thicken and strengthen your existing hair – not to mention provide next-level nourishment for your scalp and follicles. My preferred version from Cliganic is safe for all hair and skin types.


Boar bristles are the gold standard for de-tangling fine hair, minimizing breakage, and providing gentle scalp exfoliation. This cushion brush by Denman (a combo of boar and nylon bristles) is a dead ringer in both performance and aesthetic for its posh English cousin, below. Man, I love me a good dupe.
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My mum has amazing hair, and she owns this droolworthy brush by Mason Pearson. Important footnote to consider: my mum had amazing hair before she bought the brush.

Susie Wall  has been on fashion’s front lines as a Canadian TV style personality and fashion editor for two decades. On her segment Susie Q’s on The Morning Show, Susie helps viewers across Canada tackle their wardrobe and beauty dilemmas. Follow her on social media @SusieWallStyle.

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