Second baby on the way? 10 essentials for your gift registry

Here are 10 items that will make life with multiple kids a lot easier. (Getty/File)

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When you have your first baby, you need a lot of stuff. A lot. And if you’re expecting your first baby, you’ll want to comb through our new parent baby registry piece first.

By the time the second kid comes around, odds are you already have most of the basics. Depending on the age gap between your babies, you may already have a crib, bucket car seat, rocking chair or other furniture.

Of course, you’ll have to add to the collection, but at least you won’t be starting from scratch. What do you need to make life with another baby easier though? Aside from a new car seat, clothes and furniture, there are a few important items you might want to ask for if a friend or family member offers to throw you a sprinkle.

In that case, here are 10 essentials you’ll want to add to that registry.

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Curator Tip: Consider something like Amazon’s baby registry, which allows returns for up to a year.

A double stroller


Taking two kids out and about is much more effort than bringing one kid out, which is why a double stroller always comes in handy. Whether you’re running errands or heading to the park, tasks are much more manageable when you secure all littles in their stroller seats.


Want something more narrow? Graco offers a double stroller that can be adjusted four different ways, making kids and babies as comfy as possible while on the go.
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Ride along board


Bigger kids may flat-out refuse to sit in a stroller, which can be a problem when you’re in a hurry or need to keep said kid from grabbing things off shelves. Enter a ride-along board, which lets big kids “ride” with you on the stroller without getting hurt.


A photo keepsake

Parents are often so tired and busy when the second child comes around that they no longer have the time or energy to do the cute keepsakes they did with their first. That’s where an easy and decorative photo keepsake can be super helpful. Quickly take handprints and footprints when your new bundle arrives, then fondly remember that moment before sleep deprivation hits.


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A new diaper bag

Most new parents opt for the swanky diaper bag the first time around, which is sweet. But once the second kid comes, you’ll have loads more to carry — and fewer hands. That’s why a knapsack diaper bag is a lifesaver. It holds more, is easy to travel with, and keeps your hands free to hold your littles instead.


This waterproof bag includes a ton of pockets and mesh organizers to keep everything neat and tidy.


This diaper bag also offers a ton of storage options and features padded, adjustable straps so you and your partner can both be comfy while lugging it around.
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A haul of diapers



New parents aren’t quite sure which brand of diapers will be best for them, and many of them test a couple of brands to see which ones fit their baby’s bum. By the time the second comes, you’ll have a pretty good idea of which diapers you like, so don’t be afraid to ask for lots of them in varying sizes. That way, you’ll build up a good supply and be less likely to have to run out to the store in the middle of the night.
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New baby monitor or add-on

If you don’t already have a second camera or monitor to split the feed, now is the time to upgrade. As a parent of two, you’ll need to divide your attention from now on, and a monitor in both kids’ rooms will definitely help.
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Sound machine

Even if you have a sound machine for your first baby, you’ll probably want a second one to maintain the same routine for your new child. And if you didn’t use a sound machine the first time, consider doing so now.

Not only will a sound machine create the same sound environment as the womb, but if the older sibling starts throwing a temper tantrum during naptime, the machine acts as another layer of sound protection.


New bottle nipples


You can reuse the same bottles you had for your first baby, but it’s essential to change the nipples with each child to ensure proper hygiene. The same goes for any breast pump tubes or pacifiers you may want to use.
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Wearable pump

If you’re going to breastfeed and were able to with your first, now is the time to ask for a new breast pump — preferably one that you can wear to keep your hands free for the kids. Being a parent means multitasking, and being a parent to more than one kid means multitasking at every opportunity.


Insertable bath

Speaking of multitasking, why bathe kids one at a time if you can get them in the tub together?

This inexpensive bath insert is a lifesaver if you have more than one kid. The smaller kid can lie down and out of harm’s way while the other splashes, and you can get them both clean in a matter of minutes.
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