From day to night: Ultimate beauty dupes

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From day to night: Ultimate beauty dupes
From day to night: Ultimate beauty dupes – Apr 3, 2024

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From the perfect face-prep headband to a beauty blender dupe that delivers the same performance at half the price – here are some fresh ideas for an expert beginning (and end!) to your day.

Tune Up

When your routine gets a spring tune up, gorgeous things can happen. Here are some crowd pleasers to shake up that get-ready game.

Thanks to these absorbent wrist scrunchies, you can sidestep the shock of soapy water from running down your sleeves while you cleanse your face. And the influencer ‘bubble’ headband that goes with? It’ll make you feel like a queen.
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The Esarora ice roller has landed on the beauty pack’s leader board – and for good reason. This cold rolling, battery-free massage roller reduces face and eye puffiness before your morning skincare routine, but also helps with everything from sore muscles to hot flashes (woot!).


While I haven’t personally test driven The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller, it does promise to stay cold for longer (and it’s cute, so there’s that).


A comprehensive, 1-scoop blend of science-driven foundational nutrition, I’ve been adding a dose of AG1 to my water daily since January. Loaded with minerals, superfoods as well as pre and pro biotics, I’ve noticed improved post-workout energy levels and super extra happy skin.
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When it comes to the tools in your beauty toolkit and the rituals they help navigate, there’s no denying we all find ourselves stuck in a bit of a rut now and then. Time to tow you out of that shoulder season funk and spring forward with some fresh ideas.


I first discovered these ‘makeup’ branded fingertip face cloths at a chic little Airbnb in Kauai, and I don’t know how I survived before them. The best part? No more whining every time another fluffy ‘lil white towel bites the dust.


A gentle but effective cleansing water, I use this micellar lotion to remove makeup at night (and as a toner in the morning). No irritation, no creepy oily residue – and great value.
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Rosemary-infused and enriched with antioxidants such as starfruit, Clé de Peau Beauté’s Micellar Cleansing Water helps maintain skin’s moisturize balance for up to six hours.


Extracted from the root, seed, stem, pulp and rind of its foundational ingredients, I swear by this No.Green vegan deodorant from Corpus Naturals. While this version is formulated from bergamot, pink lemon, orange blossom and cardamom – the brand’s entire scent library of luxe and chemical-free combinations is swoon-worthy.
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Sun-Kissed (but not)

Few are brave enough to self-tan their face, and these days more and more glamazons are leaning into a less-is-more approach to a full face of makeup. So if you were to entertain just one product on your freshly prepped and moisturized mug as we near winter’s end? Consider a glotion…

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Martha Stewart swears by this cult status True Match Lumi Glotion dupe by L’Oréal. Besides the price, my beauty crew and I dig that it’s easy-to-apply, creates a natural wash-off glow and comes in 4 shade options.


For that I-just-got-back-from-somewhere vibe. Drunk Elephant’s Sunshine Drops with cocoa extract peptides are effective – but their staying power is stronger, too.


It’s hard to mess with the original. I use my nude, original-size Beauty Blender for applying foundation, highlights and blush.
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But if you WERE to mess with the original, Beakey sponges are a no-brainer. I like how soft these dupes are, and how well they absorb (and release) moisture.

Susie Wall  has been on fashion’s front lines as a Canadian TV style personality and fashion editor for two decades. On her segment Susie Q’s on The Morning Show, Susie helps viewers across Canada tackle their wardrobe and beauty dilemmas. Follow her on social media @SusieWallStyle.


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