10 Immune-boosting products to add to your routine

Maintain healthy habits and boost your immune system with these helpful tools. (Getty/File)

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If you feel like you’re always getting sick in the spring, you’re not alone. Studies show that people are likelier to catch the common cold with the shifting weather in fall and spring. That’s because changes in barometric pressure and wind can weaken our immune systems against colds and infections. But in the spring, we’re also likelier to get outside and enjoy the weather as soon as possible, exposing us to more of those changes — and germs.

Given that we’re all likely to get sick at least twice a year, it’s no wonder there are so many immunity-boosting products on the market. However, many of these products don’t actually help us stay healthy. Multivitamins and supplements are great for people who are malnourished or lacking in specific areas, but it’s essential to speak with a doctor before adding any to your routine.

Instead, research indicates that the best way to boost immunity is to maintain a healthy diet, drink water, exercise, decrease stress, avoid too much alcohol, and get enough sleep. By taking care of the basics, your immune system should do the job it’s designed to.

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If you want to focus on those basics and hone in on researched-backed ways to avoid getting sick, here are some products that can help.


We’re hearing more and more about the benefits of meditation in our everyday lives, and as it turns out, meditation is also a great way to help the immune system. By sitting down and setting an intention regularly, we can ease stress and give our immune systems a needed break, keeping them functioning at their best. Motivate yourself to stick to a meditation routine with a cute cushion, like this seat for adults, which comes in several different colours.


If you’re facing a lot of stress, you may want to consider Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb found in Asia and Africa that is commonly used to help lower stress and anxiety by regulating cortisol levels. However, it can interact with some other medications, so be sure to speak with your doctor before using it.


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Tea is another excellent way to de-stress and take a moment for yourself throughout the day. Research shows that echinacea can boost immune function and reduce inflammation when used with a balanced diet. This all-natural tea also contains lemongrass, which boasts anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


When we sleep, our bodies release small proteins called cytokines that help immune cells fight germs. Without enough sleep, we may not produce enough cytokines to fight infectious diseases. If you’re having difficulty settling down at the end of the day, try an essential oil like Saje’s Restful Sleep Mist to help you get those Zs.


Another helpful tool for promoting restful and stress-free sleep is a weighted blanket. The extra weight of one is believed to stimulate serotonin, reduce stress, and increase sleep hormones. This hand-knitted blanket from Canadian company Silk & Snow weighs only eight pounds, so it isn’t too heavy. Plus, it’s machine washable and can be tumbled dry.
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Staying hydrated is another way to boost your immunity, so drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you’re feeling particularly thirsty or need that extra boost of hydration, this electrolyte powder is one of our faves. Unlike sugary sports drinks, each pack contains low sugar and salt to accelerate water and electrolyte absorption. Slip a pack into a bag or purse and take it with you the next time you’ll be away all day or are travelling.
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They say failing to plan is planning to fail, so keep your nutrition goals in mind with tools that make meal prep easy. Pack nutrient-dense foods into these Bentgo containers at the beginning of the week, then stay on track all week long, no matter where you are. The containers are microwaveable, dishwasher safe, and stack together for easy storage.


One health trend we hear a lot about these days is protein. As it turns out, protein is essential in supporting immune function, and those with a protein deficiency could be susceptible to infectious disease. If you want to increase your protein intake with powder, look for a brand that uses a complete protein source, such as whey or casein. Be sure to pay attention to added sugar as well.
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Getting exercise doesn’t need to be complicated; going for a daily walk counts. Plus, it’s simple and free! If you have a hectic schedule and are trying to find ways to combine your day, a walking pad may be your solution. This one is easy to set up and slips under a desk for use while working. You can also use it while catching up on your favourite show before stashing it away in a closet.


Another easy and inexpensive way to workout at home is to do a series of bodyweight exercises and stretches. While you don’t need any equipment to start your own routine, a really good yoga mat can help. Our favourite remains Lululemon’s The Mat thanks to its textured, non-slip finish on both sides, large size, and pretty design.


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