Best affordable bikes and accessories for every age group

Here’s what you need to get biking this spring. (Getty/File)

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With the sun warming things up again and one eye on your spring jacket, you may be itching to get back out on your favourite two wheels. Wherever you’re starting from–think, needing a new bike or just topping up your gear–here are your best bike and accessory options to get cycling this spring.

Best for kids under five years old


Balance or “run” bikes are a no pedal option for little ones learning how to distribute their weight on a bike while their feet are “running” on the ground. As a parent who will no doubt have to lift this bike often, you’ll appreciate it’s a lightweight set of wheels.
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Best for early school-agers


If you’re looking for a bike with a little extra learn-to-ride support, this affordable bike with removable wheels also has a fully enclosed chain guard for extra safety.


Best for older school-agers


A lightweight frame makes this easy for your school-age child to ride this set of wheels to school. Other features they’ll enjoy include the seven-speed shifting system and reviewers report it’s a good bike for trail or road riding.
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Best for teens


Reviewers love this easy to handle, more economical entry-level mountain bike that you can also take to the roads on. The price point also means you won’t break the bank if your teen changes their mind about their love of biking.


Best for adults


This lightweight durable bike with 24-inch wheels has a 21-speed shifting system–think, lots of options for gear changes. Your bottom will also appreciate the rear shock system when you go over road bumps or on trails.
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This hybrid bike is good for roads but also offers the comfort of a mountain bike. Eye-catching features on this bike include 21-speed Shimano EF500 EZ-Fire shifters and front/rear mechanical alloy disc brakes.


Best bike accessories

Kryptonite is a trusted brand and this lock has actual keys rather than a combination system. (Kryptonite often offers a key registration system in case you lose your bike keys.) Reviewers report that the lock is easy to use and heavy–deterring would-be bike thieves.


This lightweight helmet weighs only 225 grams and is made of PVC & PC, EPS foam material to protect your noggin on the road. The honeycomb design on top with 18 vents will help also keep your head cool during sweaty summer rides.
More Recommendations
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This highly rated skateboard and biking helmet for kids comes in 16 colours and extra lining. Make sure to properly measure your child’s head and use the chart to get the best fit.


Veteran riders know it can take awhile to build up a…er, bike callous. The thick sponge padding on this gel seat will help keep bike butt at bay, particularly on longer rides and its portability means you can use it for spin class or Peletons too.


Bike lights are a must for nighttime riding and this set offers a high, medium or low-light strobe option–good to have because light needs are different when biking at dusk compared to biking at midnight. These are also lightweight and USB chargeable.
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A loud, classic bike bell is what you want when navigating busy city streets particularly and this bell promises to mount on your bike in one minute.


Teaching kids how to use a bike bell at an early age is a great skill to have. You can also put one on their scooter!


Not all cyclists like a mirror on their bike but if you’re a city cyclist, it might be another tool to keep you safe on the road. This pivotable handlebar mounted mirror can be tricky to install report reviewers–however the results are worth it.
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