New to running? 10 items you’ll want to invest in

If you’re looking to get some running legs underneath you this spring, here are 10 items that can help you get your jog on. (Getty/File)

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Now that the temperatures are rising and you’re feeling the urge to move more, you might be considering taking up running. You can kickstart your journey by downloading the Couch to 5K Runner app or grabbing John Stanton’s book, Running: The Complete Guide To Building Your Running Program, for some fundamental tips on how to begin, how often to run, and more.

While running primarily requires minimal equipment—a pair of running shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt are the essentials—here are a few additional items you might consider investing in to enhance your running experience.



Tech fans will love using this chest strap Garmin device for keeping motivated during runs. It tracks an array of data points, including heart rate and stride length. Bonus: users rave about the comfortable strap, making it feel virtually undetectable while wearing.
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For those sporting pocket-free tights or shorts, this wrist wallet is a lifesaver. It lets you pack safety essentials like money for water and keys hassle-free.


If a wrist wallet isn’t your style, this belt offers a versatile alternative. It not only holds your phone but also features a water bottle holder, keeping you hydrated during longer runs.


For runners, protecting your feet, especially during wet spring runs, is crucial. (After all, uncomfortable feet make for an easy excuse to cut a run short!) These unisex blister-resistant socks not only keep feet cool in summer and warm in winter but are also crafted from wicking fiber, effectively keeping moisture away from your feet.
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Running often leaves you with sore quads and glutes. But fear not! Give those muscles some TLC with this lightweight device designed to massage tender spots post-run, providing much-needed relief.


Shoes might be the most important thing to help your success as a runner. While some running stores offer free gait assessments to recommend the best shoe for you, you can’t go wrong with a pair of HOKAS. These popular running shoes feel like running on a cloud, with reviewers praising their comfort. Plus, they come in a wide variety of color choices.
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For nighttime runners on a budget, these armbands with rechargeable batteries are a practical choice. Similar to the old slap bracelets from your childhood, their versatility allows you to use them on your arms, wrists, ankles, or even your dog during nighttime walks.
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For those who need a SZA playlist to power their runs and prefer keeping an eye on their phone, this armband is a perfect solution. With its anti-fall buckle, it securely locks your device in place, ensuring stress-free runs.


Struggling to keep AirPods in your ears while running? Try these lightweight headphones utilizing bone conduction technology. They don’t go into your ears, leaving them open to ambient sounds, while the music is transmitted through your cheekbones.


Sure, you could opt for an old ball cap for your run, but why settle? This hat features a built-in sweatband and a two-sided mesh design, allowing moisture and heat from your run to escape, keeping you cool and comfortable.
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