Say goodbye to raking leaves. Try one of these alternatives for a cleaner yard

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Preparing yards and gardens for spring: Garden Tips
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Fall is a beautiful time of year. The air is crisp, the pumpkin spice is back, and the leaves are beautiful – until they cover your lawn.

If you’re like me, you reach for your rake – and then for your back, which is breaking under the seemingly unending chore.

Luckily, there are alternatives to raking that can help make this annual process faster and more comfortable.

Leaf blowers are a well-known option, but after you’ve blown the leaves into piles, you still need to get them into the bags. A leaf vacuum solves that issue – the leaves go straight into a bag. Our neighbour just bought one and has zero regrets.
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If you don’t want to worry about finding external outlets, there are cordless options that allow you to move freely.
But if you’re set on blowing leaves and want to save a bit of money, here’s a leaf blower that comes highly recommended.
Now once those leaves are piled high, you don’t have to break your back scooping them all up. These plastic leaf grabbers help extend your reach and keep your hands cleaner and dryer.
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I once thought wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a lawn mower that could sweep your lawn too? Turns out, someone already invented that. This height-adjustable push lawn sweeper with larger bag attachment can grab those little needles and debris left over from your hard work.

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