• ‘What now?’: Single mom, rural worker mull future as SLGA closures near
    Despite striking a severance deal with the province, employees at soon to be shuttered SLGA stores face an uncertain and worrisome future.
    Jan 16
  • SLGA investigation states cybersecurity attack compromised 40,000 people
    The personal information of roughly 40,000 individuals was compromised during a privacy breach of the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority during December 2021.
    Nov 24, 2022
  • Personal employee information possibly accessed during SLGA cyberattack: Sask. government
    The provincial government says there is a risk that personal employee information may have been accessed during a cybersecurity attack on SLGA back on Dec. 25.
    Jan 17, 2022
  • NDP says 350 SLGA employees are looking at unemployment in January
    Critic for jobs and economy Aleana Young said these are profitable stores, but the government is unwilling to update and adapt these businesses.
    Nov 30, 2022
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  • Sask. liquor and gaming will auction off 35 liquor permits for retail stores next month
    Online auctions for the SLGA permits will be held from Feb. 6 to Feb. 15.
    Jan 10
  • SLGA retails not considered ‘core businesses’ by Saskatchewan government
    Scott Moe announced that SLGA will be exiting the retail market to allow the government more focus on health care, education and highways.
    Oct 26, 2022
  • Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority continues data hack investigation
    As the investigation continues, SLGA has found some clients information may have also been accessed during the cyber incident.
    Jun 28, 2022
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  • Recent SLGA policy changes has craft industry in Saskatchewan excited
    Changes by SLGA to the craft manufacturers designation is being called a positive step by Saskatchewan distillers, wineries and brewers.
    Feb 1, 2021
  • Coronavirus: SLGA ramps up health and safety measures at liquor stores
    Along with increased sanitizing practices, SGEU said all employees are now required to wear gloves as the SLGA ramps up health and safety measures at provincially owned liquor stores.
    Mar 31, 2020
  • Sask. government planning to expand third party liquor warehousing
    The Saskatchewan government is looking to expand third party alcohol warehousing options for niche or specialty products.
    Nov 27, 2019
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  • Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming suppliers raise concerns regarding data hack
    SLGA is coming under fire for its handling of an information breach caused by a group of hackers shortly after Christmas Day last year.
    Apr 5, 2022
  • SLGA pulling Russian liquor from shelves in Saskatchewan’s support for Ukraine
    Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority is delisting all Russian products from its distribution centre and retail stores.
    Feb 28, 2022
  • Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority investigating Christmas Day cybersecurity incident
    The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) disabled certain computer systems and applications as it investigates a cybersecurity incident from Dec. 25.
    Dec 28, 2021
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  • SLGA aware of around 20 in progress liquor retail permit sales
    The two-year moratorium on selling retail liquor permits ended on October 9, following the 2016 decision to close 39 public stores and add 50 more private retailers.
    Oct 12, 2018
  • Saskatchewan not meeting quality control targets for craft alcohol industry: auditor
    The auditor noted over half of local craft alcohol products don't have valid lab test certificates, but found no cases of tainted products or alcoholic content misrepresentation.
    Jun 7, 2022
  • Proposed casinos would break rules: SLGA
    Proposed casinos by Saskatchewan native band would break rules: gaming authority.
    Apr 2, 2014
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  • Saskatoon teens discourage impaired driving on SLGA liquor bags
    Customers at the University Heights liquor store in Saskatoon will receive a reminder not to drink and drive - courtesy of local students.
    Dec 20, 2016
  • Rebellion Brewing wants SLGA to accelerate changes to its craft beer policies
    Rebellion Brewing is making a case for craft beer. The company's vice-president Mark Heise said their business is booming, and it wants the province to make changes to the craft beer industry, sooner rather than later.
    Sep 27, 2016
  • Rebellion, Minhas in dispute over resold kegs
    The SLGA is investigating complaints that Minhas Sask. Ventures was selling craft beer without brewer permission.
    Dec 14, 2018
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