Two emaciated, injured dogs abandoned in Kelowna, B.C. now in foster homes

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Pair of abandoned dogs now in foster care
Pair of abandoned dogs now in foster care – Jan 4, 2023

Two dogs, now nicknamed Ben and Jerry, were found emaciated and injured in a remote Central Okanagan area on New Year’s Eve.

The large-breed dogs were discovered up on a logging road in the Joe Rich area, before being brought to the Critteraid Animal Sanctuary.

“Two men were up on a logging road. They had stopped, pulled on the side of and they’d seen these two dogs and as soon as they open up their door, the dogs came,” said Critteraid president Lori Stewart.

“They realized immediately that one of them was in pretty bad shape so they loaded them up, brought them home and we were contacted.”

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Critteraid then brought the pair to Fairfield for emergency vet services, and found that neither dog has life-threatening injuries. However, Ben has a much longer road to recovery ahead than Jerry.

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“Ben ended up with his jaw is broken, and he had over 20 puncture wounds on his face. Jerry, he was in really good shape, there was nothing that can’t be helped,” said Stewart.

“We just don’t know when this injury happened or anything for [Ben’s] story. We’re speculating other than the fact with that type of an injury, it is going to impede him from eating, so that’s probably why he’s so thin and emaciated.”

Ben will likely need to see a specialist and will need three to five months for recovery.

In the meantime, both dogs have been placed in two separate foster homes.

“We know that once they need medical, we also need a foster home for them to go into,” added Stewart.

“They do have specific needs being that there are two large dogs, it was New Year’s Eve — I do have to say when we put that call out it was beyond heartwarming, the amount of people that step up and assist when it is needed. What an incredible community that we live in to get such a response.”

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Dog rescued after being trapped under boulder

Critteraid is working on getting Ben in for surgery to have his jaw fixed and healed, but once that happens, both dogs will be assessed for adoption.

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“Ben and Jerry have the best demeanour. Every single person that has been able to be in touch, was involved with the rescue, the one common denominator right across the board is how amazingly sweet they are, said Stewart.

“I don’t think we’re going to have trouble finding homes for them when the time comes.”

The organization does cover medical costs for rescues through fundraising efforts however, information on ways to donate or help out in another way are available on the Critteraid website.

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