Guelph, Ont. man faces charges after abandoned Jeep recovered: police

Guelph police located a 2021 Jeep after it was reported stolen and abandoned in July. Global News File

Guelph police say they’ve recovered a Jeep after the vehicle was stolen and abandoned in July.

Police said they were told a 2021 Jeep had been reported stolen from a dealership in Waterloo on July 18.

They said the vehicle was tracked to a business on Woodlawn Road before it was recovered.

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Surveillance video reportedly showed a man and a woman getting out of the vehicle before cleaning the interior and walking away.

Authorities said the man was bound by a number of court orders, including a driving prohibition and a bail condition not to have contact with the woman.

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They said another police service brought the man back to Guelph after he was arrested Wednesday.

A 57-year-old man faces a number of charges, including possessing stolen property, four counts of breaching court orders and two counts of breaching probation.

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