Brampton axe, machete attack: Victim had ‘safety plan’ after receiving death threat

Click to play video: 'Victim of Brampton axe, machete attack had ‘safety plan’ after receiving death threat'
Victim of Brampton axe, machete attack had ‘safety plan’ after receiving death threat
Warning: Video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised. Victim of Brampton axe, machete attack had ‘safety plan’ after receiving death threat – Aug 11, 2022

Peel Regional Police say the victim of a violent axe and machete attack in the driveway of his Brampton home last week had a “safety plan” put in place after receiving a death threat just days before the incident.

Supt. Sean Gormley held a press conference Thursday on the “targeted” Aug. 4 incident that left 38-year-old Joti Singh Mann — a well-known podcast host and real estate agent — with life-altering injuries.

“We were aware that the victim a few days prior had received a death threat,” Gormley said.

“That was under an active investigation and that forms now part of this investigation. And we’re trying to determine whether or not that is related to the incident that occurred….

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“A safety plan was put in place with the victim at the time that the death threat was reported to us.”

Gormley was asked to expand upon what exactly the “safety plan” entailed and whether it took effect prior to the attack, but he did not elaborate.

Click to play video: 'Video shows Brampton man getting attacked in home driveway by 3 men armed with axe, machete'
Video shows Brampton man getting attacked in home driveway by 3 men armed with axe, machete

“I can’t comment specifically what the safety plan was,” he said.

“Unfortunately, you know, these persons, as you can tell by the video, were very motivated to try and inflict some serious harm on this gentleman.”

Police said they were called at 8:16 a.m. on Aug. 4 to the area of Mayfield Road and Hurontario Street after the attack, which investigators are considering attempted murder.

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Three suspects, one armed with an axe and another a machete, fled prior to police arriving and remain outstanding.

Officers are still trying to identify them.

Mann was taken to a trauma centre where he remains in non-life-threatening condition.

Gormley said his injuries were “quite serious” and will be life-altering.

Security video of the attack was widely reported in the media on Wednesday.

While officers believe the attack was targeted, Gormley said they are still working to identify a specific motive.

“There are numerous pieces of information that are coming to us that we’re looking into, but we have not identified the exact motive,” he said, adding that officers are not sure if the suspects and victim are known to each other.

Gormley said they don’t have evidence to link the attack to any other incidents in Brampton.

But in response to a reporter question about attacks on those in the media, Gormley noted during the press conference that he is aware of three incidents where members of the media have been attacked.

“I can’t say whether or not … these are related to one another. Freedom of the press, freedom of expression is something that we value in our country and it’s something that we are going to look into,” he said.

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“The main thing here is that no matter what the motive, this is a completely egregious attack on a gentleman who lives in our community and we are going to put all of our resources toward identifying those persons responsible.”

Gormley said officers are also aware of a vehicle that was stolen from the area of the home where the attack took place a few months ago. He said officers are looking into whether that is related.

“I don’t have any information to say that it is, though,” he said.

Gormley said he wants to “assure the public” that officers believe the incident was targeted and Brampton remains a safe city.

He said investigators are continuing to gather evidence and appealed for anyone with information or video footage related to the incident to come forward.

Police noted that one of the suspects was wearing black clothing with black gloves and a black baseball hat.

The second suspect was wearing black clothing, black shoes with red laces and black gloves.

The third suspect had a black sweater on with the hood up, grey track pants, and black gloves.

Police said all three were wearing surgical masks.

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— With files from Gabby Rodrigues


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