Nova Scotia Liberals choose Robyn Ingraham’s replacement after boudoir photo controversy

Click to play video: 'Nova Scotia Liberals criticized after alleged ousting of Dartmouth South candidate' Nova Scotia Liberals criticized after alleged ousting of Dartmouth South candidate
Women are speaking out against the removal of Robyn Ingraham. Female politicians say there’s a double standard – and they should be considered for their political ideas and not for how they look or what they do with their bodies. As Alicia Draus reports, there are concerns that situations like this only serve to deter other women from joining politics. – Jul 23, 2021

The Nova Scotia Liberal Party has named a new candidate in Dartmouth South to replace Robyn Ingraham, who withdrew the day the election was called and later alleged she was ousted due to “boudoir photos.”

Ingraham had been acclaimed as the Liberal candidate in the district. She initially said in a statement she would no longer be vying for the seat due to mental health reasons, but three days later said she had been told by the party to lie about her reasons for leaving.

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“This screams gender inequality from all angles, why should I be ashamed of my body and what I decide to do with it?” Ingraham, who works as a barber, wrote in an Instagram post.

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Ingraham’s withdrawal prompted condemnation from the other parties, as well as current and former candidates of all stripes — who accused the Liberals of misogyny and sexism.

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For his part, Leader Iain Rankin said he has been trying to reach Ingraham to speak with her, and that he wants to have diverse candidates and will continue to recruit people “that have different experiences.”

On Tuesday, it was being reported that Rankin said he would be announcing the new candidate that day, but the announcement did not materialize.

Instead, on Wednesday with about an hour left for nominations, Lesley MacKay was listed on Elections Nova Scotia’s list of nominated candidates.

Lesley MacKay is the Liberal candidate in Dartmouth South. Liberal Party of Nova Scotia

A biography on the party’s website, which was updated about 15 minutes prior to the close of nominations at 2 p.m., says MacKay currently works in the Liberal caucus office “where she has been instrumental in helping support our elected officials in making a difference in communities across the province.”

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MacKay holds a Bachelor of Arts from University of King’s College and completed a diploma in public relations at NSCC.

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