B.C. election 2020: Richmond-Steveston results

The BC NDP have flipped the riding of Richmond-Steveston.

The NDP are on the verge of picking up a few seats in Richmond, after being shut out in the city since 1972.

Richmond city councillor Kelly Greene beat BC Liberal candidate Matt Pitcairn by 1,335 votes, according to Elections BC’s final count of outstanding ballots on Saturday.

Greene lost to long-time Liberal MLA John Yap by 1,790 votes in 2017. Yap announced the day the 2020 election kicked off that he wasn’t running again.

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Yap was forced to resign as minister of multiculturalism in connection with the BC Liberal quick wins scandal.

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The Liberals are underwent some renewal with the recruitment of Pitcairn, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce CEO, who stepped down after accepting the nomination.

The major issue of the campaign in Richmond-Steveston has been the construction of a new hospital and the Massey replacement.

Whether the BC Liberals or BC NDP form government, the people of Richmond can expect an expanded Richmond Hospital.

The BC Liberals launched concept planning for a new tower at the hospital in 2016, and pledged to develop a business case for the facility in their 2017 election platform.

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The NDP government announced a concept plan for the hospital revitalization in 2018.

“If we are elected we will immediately begin construction of the new acute care tower at the Richmond Hospital and the George Massey tunnel replacement bridge,” Pitcairn said.

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“I want to use my expertise in working with a cross section of the economy to bring practical solutions to the complex issue of housing affordability and promote our agriculture industry.”

The Massey replacement has been a matter of contention between the two leading parties. The Liberals are promising to return to the 10-lane bridge immediately if elected. The BC NDP have not settled yet on how to replace the aging tunnel.

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Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson heads to Surrey and Richmond Tuesday – Oct 20, 2020

Nominated Candidates

  • BC Liberals: Matt Pitcairn
  • NDP: Kelly Greene
  • Independent: Vince Li

Swing Meter Riding

The riding has been dominated by the BC Liberals, but the result in 2017 was the closest ever since it was created in 1991.

Richmond-Steveston was the 12th closest race in B.C. based on winning percentage in 2017. Yap won by 8.25 per cent. It was the fifth closest race won by the BC Liberals out of their 43 seats.

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Elections Results 2017

  • BC Liberals: John Yap, 10,332 (47.60%)
  • BC NDP: Kelly Greene, 8,542 votes (39.35%)
  • BC Greens: Roy Sakata, 2,833 votes (13.05%)

This profile will continually be updated to reflect the latest candidate information, interviews and events in the campaign.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots were requested across B.C. this election. As mail-in ballots cannot be counted until after election night, these results are not final.