Vehicle peppered with concrete by passing truck on Highway 427 in Toronto

Click to play video: 'Debris falls from cement truck on Toronto highway' Debris falls from cement truck on Toronto highway
WATCH ABOVE: A Toronto family was driving on Highway 427 on Saturday when their vehicle was sprayed with concrete from a passing truck. Morganne Campbell reports. – Sep 9, 2020

A Toronto family is lucky to be alive after shocking dashboard video released shows their vehicle as it’s sprayed with raw cement from a passing ready-mix truck on Highway 427.

“What would’ve happened if I was opening the window that day? It could have killed my family,” explained Joon Chan.

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Chan, his pregnant wife and two-year old son were returning home following a day trip to St. Jacobs, a small community just west of Toronto, when their sedan was pelted with what appeared to be pieces of rock. The car is damaged and the sunroof is destroyed.

“I panicked I just became numb and concerned about my family,” added Chan.

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“I just felt really lucky that it didn’t actually come into my car and injure anyone.”

ML Group Inc. owns the ready-mix truck and Chan said he contacted them regarding the incident and also took his vehicle to a collision reporting centre.

Global News reached out to the company, who, through an email statement said they’ll be viewing the video and investigating further as the video makes its rounds online.

“We thank the community for bringing this to our attention so that we can continue to uphold our standard of safety. We would also like to take this time to extend our apologies for this unlikely event,” wrote a company spokesperson.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) said if you find yourself in a similar situation you should slow down and pull to the side of the highway when it’s safe.

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“What you don’t want to do is slam on the brakes and come to a stop because everyone behind you, they don’t know why you’be stopped and now you’re a sitting duck and people coming in at highway speeds won’t be able to react to you,” explained OPP Sgt. Dan Hunter.

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“I’ve seen some insecure load videos in the past but I’ve never seen one involving cement.”

According to the OPP, anyone travelling with an insecure load could face fines under the Highway Traffic Act where the fines vary.

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