Global News Family Zone

Families are spending more time together than usual, but staying at home has its challenges. We know there is extra pressure on parents to support their children’s education through home learning activities.

Global News is doing our part to help parents keep kids engaged, entertained, & educated.

We’re offering exclusive activities for your kids on the Global News Family Zone.

Choose from any of the following:

Let’s say thank you to our heroes. There are so many people working hard to keep us all safe and healthy while you do your part to stay at home. Draw a picture and including a special message to someone you think is a hero.

Learn about weather from the pros with our video tutorials.

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Global News Anchors read popular children’s books from the big red couch in our Global News Studios.

Get tips from real Journalists!  Learn to write a news story, how to ask hard-hitting questions, and get the facts, or how to build a weather forecast.

Send us your home school selfies and watch Global News Morning Mondays to see if your photo is on the show.

Do you have something special you would like to share for Show & Tell?  A favourite toy, a pet, a souvenir from a trip, a photograph, a special skill? If it’s special to you, it’s special to us! Send a photo and a written description then watch Global News Morning on Thursdays to see if your Show & Tell is shown on air.

Global News is proud to partner with the Alberta Jubilee Auditoria Society for Jube School. Learn how to doodle, how to journal, and make fun family crafts with items you can find at home. You can also watch live workshops with celebrated artists!

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Download and Print the Global News Word Search puzzle.

Looking for more family fun? Here are some links to more play and learning resources below:

  • Play time is family fun time! #CanadaTogether helps you discover endless new ways to entertain your kids and stay silly. Click here for some Play-Together options.
  • Learn together as #CanadaTogether brings you educational tools and resources to keep your kids’ minds learning, growing, and inspired during this time. Click here for some Learn-Together options.

Thank you for visiting the Global News Family Zone. Be sure to visit this page regularly for more activities coming soon.

We welcome your suggestions, comments and feedback.  Click here