Toronto’s alleged feces-thrower has case put over to December, university students react to arrest

Man accused of throwing feces appears in packed Toronto courtroom
WATCH ABOVE: The man charged in connection to three disturbing assaults involving what police believe to be feces and urine appeared in a Toronto courtroom on Wednesday. Morganne Campbell reports.

The man accused of tossing buckets of feces at people in three different incidents at two Toronto universities had his case put over to Dec. 5.

Samuel Opoku, 23, was arrested Tuesday night by 52 Division officers in the Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue area. Opoku is facing five counts of assault with a weapon and five counts of mischief interfering with property.

The courtroom was packed with students, most from the University of Toronto who had two of the three incidents happen on its campus. Opoku’s court appearance was expected to start at 10 a.m. however there were numerous delays due to the crowds of people who showed up.

Court documents obtained by Global News showed that Opoku was convicted of criminal harassment on March 8, 2017 in Hamilton. He was given a suspended sentence, two years of probation.

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Opoku also had to submit his DNA to the DNA databank, and was given a lifetime weapons prohibition. Since being sentenced, he was also convicted twice for failing to comply with his probation twice.

Police said the latest incident of fecal throwing occurred at the University of Toronto campus Monday night.

Officers were called to College Street, just west of University Avenue, shortly before midnight for reports that a bucket of feces was dumped on a woman walking down the street.

An orange bucket from Home Depot was left on the sidewalk, and officers were seen putting the bucket into a bag and taking it away.

Toronto police search for feces-hurling suspect
Toronto police search for feces-hurling suspect

Police said the first incident was reported on Friday at the University of Toronto‘s Robarts Research Library, and the second incident was reported two days later, on Sunday, at York University‘s Scott Library.

In those two incidents, students allege fecal matter was tossed at them, according to police.

York University told Global News the incident at its institution happened at 5 p.m. Sunday when “an unknown male entered Scott Library and deposited a substance, suspected of containing fecal matter, on a student.”

Investigators said on Friday at around 5:20 p.m., the suspect entered the University of Toronto library and “poured the contents of a bucket he was carrying onto two unsuspecting people who were seated at a table in the library.”

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Students at the University of Toronto said they are relieved to hear that the man believed to be responsible for the feces attacks has been apprehended.

“Just walking into any of the university buildings has caused a little paranoia because you never know when he could strike,” said second-year student Shayan Mollahassani.

“I feel like everyone’s just a little relieved that we can focus on our studies as exams are coming up.”

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Daniel Angelo said he heard about the arrest last night and is glad to hear the suspect has been caught.

“I feel great. It didn’t really have any psychological effect on me, but of course, everyone wants to feel safe on campus, especially such a big campus like this,” Angelo said.

Cheryl Chan recalls how the campus mood was before police arrested the suspect.

“Even just walking around campus, you’d be a little more vigilant, you’d look around, especially when it got dark,” Chan said.

“Definitely just relief, I’m glad we don’t have to look around, be on our toes about this anymore.”

— With files from Catherine McDonald

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Toronto police say feces and urine were thrown at people inside 2 universities
Toronto police say feces and urine were thrown at people inside 2 universities