95-year-old identical twins say secret to long life is ‘no sex,’ lots of beer

Click to play video: 'Britain’s oldest identical twins have captured hearts all over the world' Britain’s oldest identical twins have captured hearts all over the world
WATCH: The quirky personalities of the 95-year-old Tipton Twins have made them internet famous – Sep 10, 2019

For 95-year-olds Lilian Cox and Doris Hobday, the secret to a long, happy life is simple: “no sex and plenty of Guinness.”

The identical twins, born in 1924 in Birmingham, U.K., live next door to each other in Tipton, according to their joint Facebook page.

The twins started their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to celebrate becoming the United Kingdom’s oldest set of twins on July 20, when they turned 95.

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Cox and Hobday have quickly become internet-famous, taking to social media to provide their loyal following with everything from senior yoga sessions to cellphone reviews.

Aside from staying young by using social media, the twins told ITV’s This Morning that “no sex and plenty of Guinness” are the keys to longevity.

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While it’s generally believed that an active sex life helps people live longer, Cox says that isn’t the case. Abstaining has been her golden ticket, she told the show, simply because she “doesn’t have a husband.”

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Late last month, the Tipton twins gave fans a glimpse of their active lifestyle.

Taking to Instagram, the two shared a photo of them stretching to their toes in unison, standing on a yoga mat with a chair positioned behind them.

“Staying fit and healthy,” they captioned the photo. “We enjoy doing chair yoga and showing off. The teachers can’t believe how flexible we are for our age.”

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On top of the entertaining technology reviews and daily life clips they upload, the siblings also talk a lot about their celebrity crushes.

In addition to sharing identical DNA, they also swoon over the same man: Jason Statham of Fast & Furious fame.

“You do like him, don’t ya?” Cox asked her sister, who pulled out a small pocket photo of the 52-year-old action star.

“Yes I do,” Cox said, showing it off.


“He’s a good actor, a damn good actor,” Hobday agreed.

Since starting their social media channels on Aug. 17, they’ve been recognized countless times by admirers on the street.

While it’s likely most of their fans share a dream of living to age 95, these sisters have a dream of their own: to spend “one night alone with [Statham],” they say in a Facebook video before it abruptly cuts off.


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