Moose calf caught in barbed wire fence rescued in northern Saskatchewan

A moose calf in northern Saskatchewan was rescued on Sunday, after getting tangled up in a barbed wire fence. Keith Levit / The Canadian Press

Thanks to Sandy Irwin and a friend being in the “right place at the right time,” a moose calf in northern Saskatchewan is alive to see another day.

Irwin came across the calf tangled up in a barbed wire fence close to her home near Meadow Lake Sunday afternoon.


She videotaped the event and posted it on Facebook. The video shows Irwin and her friend rescuing the calf as its mom watched on.

“We were so fortunate to see the little guy. I’ve found many deer tangled in fences, but way too late,” Irwin told Global News.

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The calf is seen running off into the forest with its mom.

The video is doing quite well on social media with over more than 600 reactions and 900 shares.


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