Minke whale found dead on Queensland beach

Dead male minke whale reported dead on Queensland beach. Michelle Lavigne/Marine Animal Response Society Facebook page

A washed-up dead whale has been reported on Queensland beach near Hubbards, N.S.

Lands and Forestry staff responded to reports about the whale early Thursday morning. The whale has been identified as a minke, a type of whale species common in Nova Scotia waters.

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Due to its size, staff will be hiring an excavator and truck to move the whale, according to Lisa Jarret, a spokesperson of Lands and Forestry.

“As weather and tides permit, staff will be moving it to a site on crown land where it will be buried and decompose naturally,” said Jarret in an email.

The Marine Mammal Response Society and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans have been notified.

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The society put out a statement on their Facebook page on Thursday stating that “it is important to investigate all dead animals in the effort to learn more about them and potentially why it may have died.”

It said a team is en route to further document and sample the animal.

On June 4, an endangered dead right whale was also found drifting in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, with Fisheries and Oceans Canada still working on finding the cause of its death.

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