‘Whiskey Cavalier’ cancelled for good despite fan uproar

(L-R) Lauren Cohan and Scott Foley of 'Whiskey Cavalier.'. CTV

Much to the dismay of its loyal fanbase, comedy/drama TV series Whiskey Cavalier has been officially cancelled. And this time, it’s for good.

The CTV/ABC exclusive premiered in February and in its lifespan aired 13 individual episodes. It starred Scott Foley (Scandal) and Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead). Whiskey Cavalier was created by David Hemingson.

While the show was met with mostly positive reviews, its strong beginnings of high viewership quickly declined and by the last half of the season reached an all-time low.

Executive producer Bill Lawrence (ScrubsCougar Town) confirmed the cancellation in a Tweet a few weeks back, before the show even concluded its first season.

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In response to this, dedicated fans of the spy show launched an online social media campaign using #SaveWhiskeyCavalier in hopes for it to be renewed and given a second chance.

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Because the last two episodes saw a resurgence in not only ratings, but viewership as strong as its debut episode, ABC reportedly toyed with the idea of bringing it back, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The social media campaign, however, was seemingly not enough for the network to reconsider. While its revival seemed possible, it was very short-lived.

Hemingson revealed the unfortunate news once again on Friday. “Friends,” he wrote. “I just got the sad news that ABC has passed. has been fully and finally cancelled.”

ABC was supposedly unable to fit Whiskey Cavalier in a new time slot and picked up an upcoming NBC pilot named Emergence in its place.

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“Who knew hope could be so stressful?” wrote Foley, 46, in a tweet. “Thanks to all who pushed and cheered for our show to continue.”

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“We’re proud and grateful to have made something that was worth fighting for,” he added. 

As of this writing, Cohan, 37, has not made comment regarding the show’s unexpected cancellation.

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In a final attempt to salvage Whiskey Cavalier, one fan launched a petition in an attempt to show ABC or “any other interested networks” just how strong of a fanbase it has.

As of this writing, the petition has accumulated more than 4,800 signatures of its initial 5,000 goal.

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Here’s what some more fans of Whiskey Cavalier had to say:

“It’s incredibly painful to say goodbye to this show and our extraordinary cast,” continued Hemingson via Twitter.

“But knowing that we made something you enjoyed — and that I believe will stand the test of time — makes it all worthwhile,” he concluded.
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