Top three things to do around Winnipeg the weekend of May 18

WATCH: Drew Sylvain shares an award-winning cocktail with Global's Abigail Turner to mark National Caesar Day.

With her weekly pick of fun things to do on the weekend, here is the rundown from Global News Morning’s Kahla Shea.

Hopefully you get to kick back and relax this long weekend, but if you are looking for additions for your list of things to do, here you go!


1. Sipping on Caesars

This week marked the 50th anniversary of the Caesar mixed drink.

Apparently our Parliament declared it Canada’s official cocktail and folks guzzle more than 400 million of them each year.

I’m not the biggest fan of Caesars but I do regularly see Manitobans enjoying them and since this is May Long Weekend, I figured I’d share the tips we received from one local bartender on how to mix the perfect one.

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Drew Sylvain from State & Main said it’s key to start with your basics: Worcestershire sauce, tabasco and a good quality clam-tomato juice.

Also, feel free to get creative, since there are endless variations you can try.

More inspiration can be found here on the official Caesar guide.

And of course – please celebrate responsibly this long weekend.


2. Filipino food festival

So, since I shared something to sip on this long weekend, it’s only fair that I also include something to munch on.

This long weekend is the Filipino Food Trip Festival taking place at Tyndall Park Community Centre Sat., May 18 from noon to 9 p.m.

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There will be over 40 vendors serving delicious dishes and organizers said it’s so much more than just Filipino cuisine on display.

“Food fest is really a celebration of the diversity of the city and also we are usually featuring different vendors like there’s Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese,” said Lourdes Federis, Food Trip organizer.

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You can also expect carnival games, live entertainment from great local bands, cultural performances and tons more.

And there’s an eating challenge for those who come super hungry.

WATCH: More than 40 food vendors to choose from at Food Trip 2019

More than 40 food vendors to choose from at Food Trip 2019
More than 40 food vendors to choose from at Food Trip 2019

The event takes place twice a year, on May Long Weekend and September Long Weekend, but you don’t want to wait all summer before you have the chance to go again!

Admission is free and you can visit the Food Trip Facebook page to learn more.



3. Dream Lottery  

The 2019 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery is in full swing and with seven grand prize choices, including six homes and  $1 million in cash – now is the time to get your hands on some tickets.

So far I’ve been able to check out two of the grand prize dream homes and honestly, both are absolutely stunning in their own way.

There are also cars, cruises and of course cash to be won.

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WATCH: Supporting patient care 

But we all know the best part is that when you buy a ticket, or tickets, what you’re really doing is supporting three of our province’s largest hospitals.

St. Boniface Hospital, Health Sciences Centre and Children’s Hospital – HSC Winnipeg see about a million patients each year combined and the money raised through the Dream Lottery goes towards that patient care.

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I have yet to meet a Manitoban who hasn’t either received care themselves or had someone close to them receive care at one of these facilities.

So sometime this weekend, call or head online to get your tickets for the 2019 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery and support Manitoba’s three cornerstone hospitals.


Happy long weekend everyone!

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