Alberta police nab 2 men for causing $300,000 in damage during copper thefts at oil well sites

File image: Calgary police and the RCMP have arrested two men they said are connected to the theft of copper wire. Getty Images

Calgary police and the RCMP have arrested two men they said are connected with the theft of copper wire and $300,000 in damage to Calgary-area oil well sites.

Police said they apprehended the two men in Calgary on Jan. 18.

“Various pieces of unstripped copper wire and heavy equipment tools, including bolt cutters and other power tools, were found in a vehicle belonging to one of the suspects when the men were arrested in Calgary,” police said in a news release Tuesday.

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Brian Tanner, 43, and Jonathan Paul, 38, both of Calgary, have been charged with multiple offences including break and enter and possession of a controlled substance.

“This arrest will have a positive impact on the critical infrastructure in and around Calgary and ongoing trend of copper wire theft,” police said.

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The global price of copper has been growing steadily since 1971. After dipping briefly during the Great Recession of 2008-2009, the price was trading at about US$2.79 per pound on Feb. 11, according to data from COMEX.

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