Molly — the Papillion dog who fled a Kingston Police cruiser — has been found

Another search for a missing dog in the City of Kingston, is garnering a lot of attention
This time, the dog escaped from a police cruiser and one local resident has taken it upon herself to find the lost Papillon.

A search for a missing dog in the City of Kingston has resulted in the recovery of the pooch.

The small dog — a Papillon — escaped from a Kingston, Ont., police cruiser and one local resident took it upon herself to find the missing canine.

“I saw a commotion and then after a few minutes, not very long, a little dog popped out of the police car,” said witness Jennifer Bays.

That’s what Bays said she saw last Friday (Feb. 1) outside the off-leash dog park at the Memorial Centre.

Global News/Facebook
Global News/Facebook Global News/Facebook

Kingston police were on scene dealing with an incident involving a young woman with a small dog.

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“That’s when Molly popped out of the car. She circled the car a few times, looking like she didn’t know what to do,” Bays said. “And she just headed for the street.”

The dog identified as Molly by police, is a Papillon with long, white fur with brown and black ears.

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Kingston police confirmed to Global News that they were called to the parking lot at the Memorial Centre on Friday at around 2 p.m. to deal with a report of an out-of-control young woman.

The woman was placed in a police cruiser for her own safety, police said. That is when police said Molly bolted from the vehicle.

“I’m a dog owner. If this happened to my dog, I would be beside myself, devastated,” Bays said.

Bays took it upon herself to find Molly.

“Had I not witnessed this event, no one would be looking for Molly,” Bays said. “She would be out there, but no one would actually know she disappeared.”

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On Thursday, according to Kingston Police, Molly was located in good health and returned to her owner; the young woman who was involved in the incident with police.

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That young woman decided to surrender Molly to a close friend, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The young woman with Molly involved in the police incident was not arrested and was released.