Toronto gas shortage will likely improve by mid-week

Click to play video: 'Toronto gas shortage expected to improve by mid-week' Toronto gas shortage expected to improve by mid-week
WATCH: Toronto gas shortage expected to improve by mid-week – Feb 2, 2019

There’s no better time to run errands than on the weekend. But if filling up the tank is on your list, finding a place to do it in the GTA may be a little tricky.

Nearly a week after a massive storm clogged city streets with snow, several gas stations and their customers are still suffering. The inundation of snow prevented gas deliveries, leading to enough of a shortage for stations to turn customers away.

Many customers like Jennifer Mclean had no idea until they pulled up to the pumps and read the notices.

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“This is a rental, so I’ve got to get it back and I don’t want to have to pay the premium price for gas,” said Mclean.

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Rather than rack up extra costs, she went on the hunt for another station.

It took Trish Moloughney three stops before she was able to find an operable Shell station.

“I thought ‘Is this all over downtown? Am I going to have to go pretty far out to get gas?’” she said.

Getting answers about the reason for the shortage wasn’t so easy either.

“The folks inside the stores didn’t seem to know too much other than they hadn’t received their deliveries,” added Moloughney.

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Dan McTeague is a senior petroleum analyst at He said the worst of the shortage has likely peaked.

“Tanker trucks just couldn’t make it through that, you know, 24- to 48-hour period when driving was both treacherous and a very laborious undertaking,” he said.

More importantly, McTeague said there isn’t any reason to panic because gas is still arriving via pipeline. After seeing dozens of trucks lined up at filling terminals, McTeague said everything should be back to normal by next Wednesday. He also warned against filling up with more gas than needed, because it could delay the recovery.

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Still, McTeague noted this isn’t the first time in recent years that extreme weather has created problems at the pumps. This time, he said it was likely compounded by other factors.

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“You had both snow and a deep freeze, potential for ice, as well as low prices,” said McTeague. “All three factors really reduced the ability for gas stations to receive their fuel.”

While not every gas station wasn’t hit as hard, Jian Luca Dingillo said his Kingston Road location was just trying to hold on until their next delivery.

“We’re worried a little bit because it’s not really good for business to say that we ran out of gas,” said Dingillo. “Hopefully we get some gas soon.”

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