Do you have an emergency kit in your car? CAA Manitoba says it’s a good idea

Click to play video: 'Is your emergency kit equipped for winter?' Is your emergency kit equipped for winter?
WATCH: Many Winnipegger have some of the recommended items but CAA Manitoba suggests having a full Emergency Kit – Jan 27, 2019

Manitobans are known for making the most of the winter. But if a storm causes you to be stuck in your car, are you prepared?

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While the majority of Winnipeggers who spoke with Global News said they have a few things in their cars — from winter gear to snow kits to gloves and tuques — most are missing some key item.

CAA Manitoba says having a roadside emergency kit is like having an insurance policy.

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The company suggests having basic items like food, water, candles and blankets in your vehicle as well as a colourful piece of fabric that could be used to flag someone down in the event of an emergency.

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A full list of what to put into an emergency kit is available on the CAA Manitoba website.

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