Dumpster full of mannequin heads makes for creepy call for B.C. cop

A dumpster full of mannequin heads discovered in Delta on Monday. Delta police

A B.C. police officer may still be shaking off the heebie-jeebies after a call in Delta earlier this week.

It happened on Monday, when the officer was conducting a routine patrol in a dark alley in downtown Ladner.

That’s when he came face to face with a sight right out of a horror movie.

“He was patrolling around, looking for possible crimes being committed, travelled down this alley and literally his flashlight happened on that dumpster full of mannequin heads, so I think it took him aback for a moment,” said Delta police spokesperson Cris Leykauf.

“He went into the dumpster to check it out, did find actually a garbage bag full of these heads, so it could have been a hairdressing studio.”

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Leykauf said she checked with the officer’s supervisor to find out if he screamed, but never heard back. Nonetheless, she said he was likely the right person to run into the eerie scene.

“This particular officer has had a lot of experience, so he’s definitely seen more than his fair share of stuff, so he’d be a good one to have something like that happen, as opposed to, say, a newer police officer.”

Delta police shared the humorous situation on Twitter with the hashtag #NoCallTooCreepy, a riff on the department’s motto of “No Call Too Small.”

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However, as much of a laugh as the situation was, Leykauf said it’s always a relief to have a call turn out to be nothing serious.

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“We were very fortunate in that we had no homicides in the city last year, no homicides in the city in 2017, so something other than the mannequin heads would have definitely been quite a shock for our city,” she said.

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