Robin Thicke, Gerard Butler among celebrities who lost their homes in California wildfires

Click to play video: 'Gerard Butler’s Malibu home destroyed by Woolsey fire'
Gerard Butler’s Malibu home destroyed by Woolsey fire
WATCH: Actor Gerard Butler took to social media on Sunday to show fans the remains of his Malibu home – Nov 11, 2018

Robin Thicke, Gerard Butler, Miley Cryus and Shannen Doherty are among the growing list of celebrities who lost their homes to the California wildfires.

The wildfire reached Malibu, Calabasas and Agoura and forced thousands of people to flee their homes.

WATCH BELOW: The latest on the California wildfires

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On Nov. 9, Thicke posted a photo of a thick cloud of smoke, writing, “Our home is just to the left! Praying.”

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Our home is just to the left! Praying

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“Contemplating next move…” Thicke captioned his next social media post, which is a photo of his son sitting on the beach amidst the ashes.

Thicke’s girlfriend, April Love Geary, who is pregnant, shared a photo with the caption: “Our house is somewhere in there. I’m so sad but so thankful that we all made it out safe. Praying for everyone in Malibu, our city is up in flames 💔.”

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Thicke also posted a statement on Instagram thanking the people who “risked their lives trying to save our home.”

“April, Julian, Mia and I would like to thank the courageous firefighters and volunteers. As we drove to safety, they risked their lives trying to save our home. We are safe and surrounded by friends and family. We Thank you for all the love and support we’ve received and we send our love and prayers to everyone affected by the fires. Count your blessings!”

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Butler posted a photo on Twitter of the remains of his Malibu home.

He thanked the firefighters for their “courage, spirit and sacrifice.”

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Click to play video: 'California wildfires: Drone footage shows us an eerie, burned out Paradise, CA'
California wildfires: Drone footage shows us an eerie, burned out Paradise, CA

“Returned to my house in Malibu after evacuating. Heartbreaking time across California. Inspired as ever by the courage, spirit and sacrifice of firefighters. Thank you @LAFD. If you can, support these brave men and women at ,” Butler wrote.

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Cyrus said on Twitter that she was “completely devastated” by the fires.

“Completely devastated by the fires affecting my community. I am one of the lucky ones. My animals and LOVE OF MY LIFE made it out safely & that’s all that matters right now. My house no longer stands but the memories shared with family & friends stand strong,” Cyrus wrote.

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WATCH: Celebrities attend Malibu meeting on response to Woolsey fire

Click to play video: 'Woolsey fire: Celebrities attend Malibu meeting on response to fire'
Woolsey fire: Celebrities attend Malibu meeting on response to fire

Camille Grammer Meyer of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills also lost her home in Malibu, her publicist confirmed to the Associated Press.

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Meyer’s publicist Howard Bragman said she is grateful to have safely evacuated with her family and is appreciative of the firefighters who have risked their lives fighting the blaze and is grateful for the love and concern shown to her.

Actress Bianca Blanco said she watched her house burn live on television.

“We are safe but our house is gone. Thank you for your love and prayers ❤❤,” she wrote.

“My home. 10 minutes to escape,” she wrote on another post.

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Doherty said her “heart is ripped apart” by the loss of her Malibu home.

“This place. I got married there. But before that, it’s the place @chriscortazzo let me stay in after my dad passed away. It’s the place I felt my dad with me. It’s gone. Fire has taken it away. I’m devastated by all that’s happening. My heart is ripped apart,” she wrote.

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The fire also destroyed the historic Paramount Ranch where HBO’s Westworld was filmed.

An HBO spokesperson told Variety that the series wasn’t in production.

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“As the area has been evacuated, we do not yet know the extent of the damage to any structures remaining there,” the spokesperson said. “Most importantly, our thoughts go out to all those affected by these horrible fires.”

Lady Gaga was also forced to evacuate her house.

“I am thinking so deeply for everyone who is suffering today from these abominable fires & grieving the loss of their homes or loved ones,” Lady Gaga tweeted. “I’m sitting here with many of you wondering if my home will burst into flames. All we can do is pray together & for each other. God Bless You.”

Alyssa Milano said her home was “in jeopardy.”

Horses are finally safe. My children are safe. My home is in jeopardy but … everything with a heartbeat is safe. Thank you all for your concern. To those who insisted on still being hurtful because our political affiliation is different, you are what is wrong with the country,” she tweeted.

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U.S. President Donald Trump has blamed the wildfires on “gross mismanagement of the forests.”

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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio responded by tweeting that the wildfires worsened due to climate change.

“The reason these wildfires have worsened is because of climate change and a historic drought. Helping victims and fire relief efforts in our state should not be a partisan issue,” he wrote.

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande manager Scooter Braun shared a photo of Trump’s tweet on Instagram, writing, “98% of the land that has burned is federally owned.”

“Mr. President it was under your watch that their budgets were cut. I’m not so left-leaning that everything done under your watch I think is bad or unjust… but what I know… what you have shown… is you are unfit to lead,” he wrote.

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@realdonaldtrump – 98% of the land that has burned is federally owned. Mr. President it was under your watch that their budgets were cut. I’m not so left leaning that everything done under your watch I think is bad or unjust… but what I know… what you have shown… is you are unfit to lead. Leaders listen, leaders stand with their people in moments of struggle and darkness. You sir do neither. You are self indulgent, you mock, and you incite. You put down good republicans and democrats alike. You celebrate your achievements and pt fingers in your losses. Your tweet is an embarrassment to you and this nation. Good hardworking people are suffering and you point blame. Be a leader! Leaders give the wins to their people and take on the blame of the losses. That is what real leaders do. People who voted for you are not bad people. In fact the majority are good hardworking men and women who just wanted change. They wanted to be heard. Appreciated with the rest of the nation. Sir you care for no one but yourself and your own achievements. You embarrass them! My family came here because they believed in a place of dreams. A place where all were given a chance for a better life. A place where morality led the day. I have not spoken out against you. I have asked to be listened to. I have asked for myself and my fellow citizens to be heard. I believe in a Democratic system of respect. I have tried to not fight with those I also hope are heard and protected. But sir this… this.. this is absurd. You are the President of the United States. Not the President of your own fan club. And if you ever saw what I wrote here today I ask you to not respond with some Hollywood elitist tweet. For god’s sake sir you have a gold toilet and a reality show. I ask that you listen not attack. Ask if you might have made a mistake…and help. You are certainly in a position to do so. And lastly to all those suffering because of these fires… and those like my brother who are evacuated right now… WE THE PEOPLE are with you. Stay safe and thank you to all the fire fighters out there risking their lives for others. True heroes.

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The blaze was part of an outbreak of wildfires on both ends of the state. Together, they were blamed for 44 deaths, including two in celebrity-studded Malibu in Southern California, where firefighters appeared to be gaining ground against a roughly 370-square-kilometre blaze that destroyed at least 370 structures, with hundreds more feared lost.

All told, more than 8,000 firefighters statewide were battling wildfires that destroyed more than 7,000 structures and scorched more than 840 square kilometres, the flames feeding on dry brush and driven by blowtorch winds.

The 42 dead in Northern California surpassed the deadliest single fire on record, a 1933 blaze in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. A series of wildfires in Northern California’s wine country last fall killed 44 people and destroyed more than 5,000 homes.

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