“Use lethal force if necessary,” message to Manitoba radio station staff conducting “armed vigilante” patrols

CJSB in Swan River, Manitoba.

A post on Facebook from a radio station in Swan River is suggesting that station staff members are going to personally deal with recent threats and break-ins.

The threats allegedly stated that the radio station had one week to cease business operations in Swan River or the station would be burned to the ground.

The post said that staff members of CJ 104 came to the conclusion that the RCMP were not taking the threats seriously and they’re setting up patrols and overnight watches with “at least one member who is licensed to carry firearms.”

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Owner of CJSB in Swan River, Bill Gade said he has instructed his staff members to “use lethal force if necessary,” but have been told as well to use “non-lethal means in any possible way.”

“If they feel their lives are in danger, they’ve been instructed to protect themselves. This is not just two incidents. Days ago, we had staff in the building working when a gentleman came to the back door of the radio station and started to break-in. They chased him away with a baseball bat,” said Gade.

Swan River RCMP in a written statement to 680 CJOB said “we are always concerned when people decide to bypass law enforcement and take matters into their own hands.”

“The Swan River RCMP became aware of the post on the evening of August 24, 2018, and immediately contacted the person responsible to explain that promoting this type of armed vigilante activity is not acceptable. Further, he was advised that anyone engaging in such an activity will be stopped by the RCMP as it is a clear risk to public safety. We continue to monitor and engage in discussion with the person who made the post. The Swan River RCMP will respond to all calls that require police assistance. The RCMP will also follow-up on all complaints and carry-out comprehensive investigations as required. Public safety is our priority and Swan River residents can be assured that our officers, who also live in the community, are committed to providing the best policing services possible.”


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