7 healthy protein-filled snack ideas for summer

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Easy snack options that give you a protein boost
WATCH: Snacks are the perfect opportunity to refuel on a little extra protein, as long as they are healthy. Here are 10 easy snack ideas that offer at least 5 grams of protein. – Jun 12, 2018

If summer means you’re going to spending more times outdoors, you may want to avoid getting hangry by finding the right snack.

And with the temptations of summer treats like ice cream and sugary drinks, registered dietitian Nicole Osinga says when it comes to snacks, make sure you are planning ahead.

“Batch cooking works easiest,” she told Global News. “You can always freeze items as well.”

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And while snacks are meant to give you an energy boost throughout the day, Osinga says focusing on protein-filled snacks will make sure you don’t over-eat before and after huge meals.

“Snacks with protein will keep you satiated,” she continues. “The whole point of snacking is for that snack to tie you over for the next meal.”

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And many foods are already packed with protein, including eggs, black beans and Greek yogurt, Women’s Health notes, making it easy to come up with possible snack ideas in bulk.

Below, Osinga shares seven of her favourite protein-filled snacks, perfect for summer.

Nut & Seed Trail Mix
Instead of buying trail mix, make it a weekend project to make your own with dried fruit. “I love adding a bit of natural sweetness to my trail mix, as I aim to avoid added, refined sugar,” she says.

Beet Hummus
“I think most of us can agree that dips make eating vegetables so much better. However, the same dips all of the time can get boring.” Switch up your typical hummus dip and turn it into a roasted beet hummus and pair with with carrot sticks or crackers at work. This also makes a great side for lunches and dinners.

Spiced Golden Yogurt
Curcumin, turmeric’s active compound, is touted to be a superfood, Osinga says. “It’s scientifically proven to be anti-inflammatory for the body, cancer fighting, mood enhancing and boosts your immune system against infection. I’m always looking for new ways to use this spice — the latest is mixed in with yogurt!”

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Sunflower Butter and Apple
“This one’s for my teacher friends who can’t bring nuts to school,” she said.  Nuts are such a great source of protein and make an easy snack. You can get around this, however, by using sunflower butter instead of peanut butter. “Simply store some apples, sunflower seed butter and hemp seeds in your desk and assemble this snack when you’re getting those mid-afternoon cravings.”

Roasted Edamame + Pomm Seeds
Do you ever get a craving for something sweet and salty? “This snack satisfies both cravings, while adding a ton of fibre and protein to keep you full for a long time.” All you need is frozen edamame and a cup of pomegranate seeds.

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Lettuce Boats
Lettuce makes a great vessel for a number of toppings, so you can get creative with this one. “Grab a can of tuna, some avocado and a few lettuce leaves and voila, tuna salad boats.” If you have leftover chicken from the night before, throw that in your boat and you have an easy, handheld snack that is perfect to hold you over until you eat your next meal, she adds.

Energy Balls
“These energy balls are a great snack to make for your kids and the adults in your life.” There are many different variations of this snack, she says, and you can include everything from almond butter to oats to apples. “A few of these in the afternoon helps me deal with that mid-afternoon slump like a champ.” And the best part? You only need 10 minutes to make these, no baking involved.
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