Reactions from Kingston candidates pour in following Wynne’s announcement

Click to play video: 'Wynne’s announcement: reactions from Kingston and The Islands candidates' Wynne’s announcement: reactions from Kingston and The Islands candidates
Wynne’s announcement: reactions from Kingston and The Islands candidates – Jun 3, 2018

Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne’s bombshell announcement Saturday is still setting off shock waves across the province Sunday.

Local candidates in the Kingston area have had differing reactions to the announcement.

NDP candidate Ian Arthur says, “I think the biggest fear with what Kathleen Wynne has urged Liberal voters to do is that it’s going to ensure a Ford majority, it has nothing to do with ensuring a NDP minority. People should vote for something they believe in.”

Robert Kiley, candidate for the Green Party, said, “It frees up a lot more people to vote with their heart and to vote for a strong local voice for Kingston and the Islands, and I believe I’m that person. I believe that many people who are normally tied to one of the big three parties are undecided or willing to go Green this time.”

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Meanwhile, PC leader Doug Ford stopped in Kingston Sunday. He said Wynne’s concession doesn’t change the race in the Kingston and the Islands.

“I don’t think it affects it at all,” said Ford. “Gary’s doing an incredible job. As we go through Gary’s riding we’re hearing nothing but positive comments about our plan—about reducing taxes, reducing hydro rates by 12 percent.”

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As for local PC candidate Gary Bennett, he thinks people will support a unified party.

“I think it’s important to look at the candidates that are running and ask yourself, do you want to vote for a candidate that may very well be in government or do you want to vote for a candidate where the premier of the province has admitted that they’re not going to be in power on June 7?”

Local incumbent, Liberal candidate Sophie Kiwala, said she is going to stay the course.

“This is about community work,” Kiwala said. “This is about being committed to your community and doing everything in your power to make sure they are well looked after. That’s what my leadership in this community is about and that’s what I will continue to do.”


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