NDP leading in Kingston and the Islands, Greens in double digits: poll

The NDPs say they're hoping to release the finished plan sometime in the New Year.
The NDPs say they're hoping to release the finished plan sometime in the New Year. CKWS

According to a Mainstreet Research poll released on Monday, NDP candidate Ian Arthur has pulled ahead of the herd, with the Liberals’ Sophie Kiwala coming second and the PC Party’s Gary Bennett not falling far behind.

According to Monday’s results, 36 per cent of the 624 respondents said they would choose Kingston’s provincial NDPs, with the Liberals at 28 per cent and the PC Party just below 25 per cent.

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In fourth place come the Greens, with quite a jump in their numbers from the last provincial election. Deputy leader of the party Robert Kiley, received just over seven per cent of the vote in the 2014 provincial election, more than doubling his support from the 2011 provincial election. On Monday, Mainstreet Research had Kiley polling at 11 per cent of the vote, a number not seen before in this region by any Green Party candidate.

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More information on the polling data to come.

The Kingston and the Islands portion of the poll was conducted from May 24-26, and reached 624 candidates, with a margin of error: +/- 3.91 per cent. 

The sampling frame was derived from both a national telephone directory compiled by Mainstreet Research from various sources and random digit dialing. The part of the survey that dialed from the directory was conducted as a stratified dial of the following regions; Toronto (also known as the 416 region), the Greater Toronto Area (also known as the 905 region), south-central Ontario, southwestern Ontario, eastern Ontario, and northern Ontario. In the case of random digit dials, respondents were asked the additional question of what region of the province they resided in.