Pothole repairs on track after London’s long winter

Hundreds of minor road repairs have been underway. Global News File

With the last vestiges of winter quickly fading in the rearview mirror, city road maintenance crews are finally catching up on the roadwork in its wake.

Roadside operations division manager John Parsons said the cycle of freezing and thawing has pushed back some of the normal road surface repairs.

“That’s the perfect recipe for potholes. Water seeps into the cracks. When you get some freezing and thawing and some heavy traffic, that material pops out and you get a pothole.”

Parsons went on to say that the city had been receiving hundreds of calls more than last year at this time.

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Motorists can report a pothole by contacting Service London with the name of the street, the nearest buildings number, the name of the nearest cross street, and which lane the pothole is in. The city typically fills potholes within a 12-to 48-hour period of notification.


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