Cows that escaped Edmonton farm tracked down by firefighters, police helicopter

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Stock photo of two cows. Note: these are not the yearlings involved in an Edmonton police chase in April 2018. File / Global News

It took quite a substantial law enforcement team to wrangle two young cows that jumped a fence and ran around Edmonton’s river valley Monday night.

Two yearlings jumped a fence around a farm near Rabbit Hill and trotted into the nearby brush and then onto the ice on the North Saskatchewan River.

The owners saddled up their horses and tried to track down the wayward bovines but the brush was too thick.

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That’s when the two women called for backup. Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (EFRS) responded at around 9 p.m. and brought a few fire trucks — and even the district chief — to the scene in the hopes of corralling the cattle.

However, they lost track of the two cows. The district chief decided to scope out the Blackhawk Golf Course in case the curious pair had wandered that far.

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Then, Fire Rescue called in the big guy: Air 2, the Edmonton police helicopter.

The EPS chopper found them.

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“They were able to put a spotlight on the cows,” Maya Filipovic from EFRS said. “They then used their infrared technology to locate our district chief.”

The district chief was able to follow the spotlight to track down the cows but alas, they would not go quietly. Their owners arrived with food, hoping to lure the cows back once they settled down.

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The decision was made to leave them wading in the water with their two owners.

“The district chief made sure [the women] weren’t going to go out on the ice,” Filipovic said.
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