Salt-seeking moose drops by B.C. man’s garage for a taste of his truck

Click to play video: 'Man finds Moose in his garage' Man finds Moose in his garage
Prince George resident Tab Baker was shocked to discover a moose in his garage this week, licking the salt off his car. He finally had to encourage it to leave after lingering too long – Apr 20, 2018

Prince George resident Tab Baker was surprised earlier this week when he entered his garage and found a young moose licking his truck.

He quickly pulled out his phone to record the encounter.

“Hey moose,” he can be heard saying in the video.

The moose appears to be quite young but still stands very tall and can see over the top of the car next to it. It also appears to be quite skinny.

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Baker lifts up the garage door so the moose can leave and then can be heard shouting “OK moose, time to go!”

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It is not uncommon for moose and other animals to lick salt off vehicles in the winter.

“All animals have a natural need for salt because it is an important component in their blood,” Dr. Doug Whiteside at the Calgary Zoo told Global News in December 2016.

Animals will lose salt throughout the day and need to replenish that in order to maintain good health.

“In the wild, animals (like moose) will replace that salt through their diets, and if there is not a natural source of salt available they will find an alternate source, like the salt from the roads on the vehicles.”

— With files from Jodi Hughes

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