Benjamin, Olivia on track to be B.C.’s top baby names of 2017

Benjamin and Olivia are on track to be B.C.'s top baby names for 2017.
Benjamin and Olivia are on track to be B.C.'s top baby names for 2017. Dave Carels, Global News

If you named your child Benjamin or Olivia this year, you’re not alone.

Those names are on track to be the most popular male and female baby names registered in B.C. in 2017.

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If the trend holds, it will be the first time Benjamin has topped the list of boys names, according to the Vital Statistics Agency.

Hot on its heels are Liam, Logan and Lucas followed by Ethan and Oliver.

For girls anmes, Olivia is on track to take the top spot for a second consecutive year, with a good lead on Emma in second place. They’re trailed by Sophia, Charlotte and Ava.

Because some parents don’t register their child’s name right away, a final tally won’t be ready until later in 2018.

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Final 2016 baby name tallies released

The Vital Statistic Agency has also released the final tally for 2016 baby names.

For girls’ names, Olivia held the top spot last year, followed by Emma, Charlotte, Ava and Sophia.

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For boys, Lucas was the most popular choice, followed by Benjamin, Ethan, Oliver and Liam.

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The province says there were 45,399 babies born in B.C. in 2016, 22,188 girls and 23,210 boys.

In the coming years, the agency may have to add a third category. Earlier this year, both Newfoundland and Ontario said they would eventually issue gender neutral birth certificates for those who want them, though it’s unclear how the policy may apply to children.

And a B.C. baby made headlines in this summer by becoming the first child in Canada issued a gender neutral health card. Their parent is fighting to have them issued a gender neutral birth certificate, but the province’s health minister says B.C. is taking its time to “get it right” on gender neutral IDs.