Pets or meat? P.E.I. petting farm gets flak after some goats are sold as meat

The owner of a P.E.I farm is getting some backlash after posting on Facebook that her goat meat would be featured in donairs at a local restaurant. Facebook/ Island Hill Farm

The owner of a petting farm in P.E.I. says she never expected backlash for discussing how some of her goats will be served up next week in a Charlottetown restaurant.

Flory Sanderson says she opened her Island Hill Farm to visitors four years ago but never disguised its main focus – raising goats for dairy and meat.

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She says all her animals are raised humanely with care, and just a few are sold for consumption.

Vegans and some parents have criticized Sanderson since she mentioned on Facebook that a Charlottetown restaurant would feature her goat meat in donairs.

The roast meat sandwiches with garlic sauce will be served for lunch at the Terre Rouge restaurant next week.

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Chef Lucy Morrow says she can understand why some people may be upset, but it’s also a chance to teach children where meat comes from.

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