Homesick for Halifax? Donair Cam offers a 24-hour livestream of Nova Scotia delicacy spinning on a spit

The 24-hour livestream features seasoned donair meat rotating on the spit at the King of Donair restaurant on Quinpool Road in Halifax.

It’s spinning. It’s mesmerizing. It’s meat.

A website dedicated to streaming live feeds and a well-known Halifax restaurant have partnered to give us Donair Cam: a 24-hour stream of seasoned meat spinning on a rotating spit.

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Ralf Pickart, the owner of Nova Scotia Webcams, says he came up with the idea while brainstorming with the team at Wunder Inc., a local advertising company.

“We are always looking for new webcams,” Pickart says.

“We just sat there and thought about what is the most Nova Scotian thing you can imagine and someone said, ‘Donair, of course.'”

Pickart says he immediately knew he wanted to approach the King Of Donair, a Halifax staple synonymous with the east coast delicacy.

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Owner Nicholas Nahas says he not only jumped at the chance to take part in the project, he’s peeved he didn’t think of it first.

“I loved it,” he said. “People are going to get the cravings going just by watching a 24-hour camera.”

The King of Donair has laid claim to creating the original donair, which features shaved spicy meat, tomato, onion, and sweet garlicky donair sauce all wrapped in a pita.

In 2015, the greasy treat was named the “official” food of Halifax. 

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It’s so beloved and evokes such a longing for Nova Scotia, that a King of Donair pop-up restaurant in Calgary brought out hundreds, who lined up to get a piece of the east coast.

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Nahas says he hopes the Donair Cam will help Maritimers, who live away from the province, connect with their home.

“Nova Scotians who are away out west and all over, when they come back, the first thing they want is a donair because it can’t be replicated anywhere,” he said.

“People are always homesick, missing family and friends, and donairs are a part of that.”

Pickart also hopes to raise awareness for Nova Scotia Webcams, an independent website that offers more than 75 livestreams around the province.

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“Depending on how it catches on, [Donair Cam] can last forever,” Pickart says. “Certainly, I would say it’s there to entertain people and at some point, they will get hungry and hopefully get a donair.”