Halifax Donair declared official food of Halifax in close vote

HALIFAX – After a spicy debate, the Halifax Donair has been declared the new “official” food of the city of Halifax.

After a 43-page staff report, a shorter councillor’s report, and a dizzying back-and-forth and discussion at two council meetings, the Mayor broke a tie vote making it official on Tuesday.

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It was no easy feat giving the greasy late-night favourite this great honour.

Donair sauce is squeezed onto the eponymous dish at King of Donair on Tuesday Oct. 20, 2015. Steve Silva/Global News

Councillor Linda Mosher made the case for the declaration in October, calling the Halifax Donair a, “unique and famous delicacy.”

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“The recipe was formed here, and many have tried to duplicate it, and it originated here on Quinpool Road,” she said, presenting her report to council.

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After that, council asked for a staff report, which came to no conclusion and recommended the Mayor make the final decision.

It came to council once again Tuesday, and the vote was a tie until Mayor Mike Savage voted to adopt the spicy, garlicy treat as his city’s crowning glory.

Now city council and donair lovers can put the debate to rest, and go grab a bite of Halifax’s new official delicacy.


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