Lady Gaga is being fat shamed after her Super Bowl performance

On Sunday, Lady Gaga took to the Super Bowl LI stage, for a 12-minute halftime show which included fire, music and some Gaga-like costumes.

The singer wore bodysuits and tummy-baring crop tops from Versace.

Some people on the internet were more interested in Gaga’s tummy than the performance itself.

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Gaga, who has openly discussed her battle with eating disorders, was defended by other viewers and her fans, also referred to as the “little monsters.”

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Some fans thought Gaga’s acrobatics seemed familiar, tweeting at P!nk to let her know the Telephone singer stole her signature move.

P!nk responded quickly to shut down the rumours.

She posted on Instagram Feb. 6 to “squash this before it even has a chance to become a thing.” She also noted that Cirque du Soleil and Peter Pan started mid-air soaring before her, writing that they have “been in the air for years!”

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Before the show, the pop singer revealed the intense workouts she’d been doing to prepare for her halftime performance.

“I work out a lot,” she told Michael Strahan on Good Morning America. “I also do the VersaClimber while I sing. I sing the show while I’m doing it. The show is full-on cardio. My performances most of the time are. It’s cardio while singing.”

The Bad Romance singer’s performance drove nearly 5.2 million tweets on Twitter alone, compared to 3.9 million tweets about Katy Perry’s show in 2015.

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