Donald Trump channels Hitler, gets dominated by Steve Bannon in latest ‘SNL’ skit

Alec Baldwin once again reprised his role as U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, in a skit that had plenty of material to feed off of given that the show was off the air last week.

The SNL skit addressed the widespread impression among many Trump administration critics that his chief strategist Steve Bannon wields far too much influence in the White House.

Bannon, portrayed as the Grim Reaper, makes a menacing entrance before standing by the president’s side.

“I’ve had a long day, I’m tired and cranky and I feel like I could just freak out on somebody,” Trump says.

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“Maybe you should call Australia,” Bannon responds.

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The call to Australia begins with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull asking Trump about the blow-back from his travel ban, to which the president replies, “We had to do it because of that huge massacre in Bowling Green.”

Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, in an interview on Thursday, justified Trump’s ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries by citing “the Bowling Green massacre”, a mass killing that never took place.

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Turnbull then thanks Trump for agreeing to take Australian refugees, prompting the president to exclaim, “America first, Australia sucks, your reef is failing, prepare for war!” before hanging up, much to Bannon’s delight.

Earlier this week, Trump took to Twitter to lambast the Obama administration’s decision to take illegal immigrants from Australia.

Baldwin’s Trump then calls Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and again threatens war after Nieto tricks him into agreeing to pay for the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

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At Bannon’s urging, Trump then calls Germany, with chancellor Angela Merkel answering the phone and saying frantically, “Hello? Is this my sweet Barack? Barack Obama, I miss you!” before recoiling in disgust upon realizing that she’s speaking to Trump.

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Trump insists on making some remarks about Holocaust Remembrance Day, but rather than mentioning the genocide of six million Jews, talks about how six million people watched his inauguration and were ignored by the media.

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He then says he intends to write a book about his struggle, called “My Struggle”, much to Merkel’s horror (the title of Adolf Hitler’s 1925 book Mein Kampf translates to “My Struggle”).

A call is then made to the president of Zimbabwe, with the Grim Reaper urging Trump to “show them the might of America.”

But the Zimbabwean president, played by Kenan Thompson, curses at Trump and tells him to never call Zimbabwe again.

“That’s enough for tonight, can I have my desk back?” Bannon then says, before displacing the passive president from his Oval Office desk.

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