New Brunswick students hope to raise awareness about dangers of binge drinking

WATCH ABOVE: A group of graduating students from a Fredericton high school are warning others about the dangers of binge drinking with a video they’ve created. Global’s Adrienne South reports.

A group of graduating students at Leo Hayes High School in Fredericton are warning others about the dangers associated with binge drinking.

With graduations happening this week across the province and proms coming up, the school’s Safegrad committee released a video during the first week of June about the risk.

In the video, graduating student Tyler Grattan shares a story about his brother Brady who passed away from alcohol poisoning on February 4, 2016, after a game of beer pong.

His brother was found alone and unresponsive and Grattan says his lips were blue because he wasn’t getting any oxygen.

He says his older brother’s death could have been prevented if someone had been with him.  He hopes that sharing his family’s story will help save a life.

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“I just think people need to be really responsible, cause if you’re responsible, then this stuff shouldn’t happen. If you see somebody drinking too much you should stop them,” Grattan said.

Safegrad committee member Madison Burke, who is also the student body president, says many people at the school knew Brady, as he only graduated last year. She says the video, which she produced, strikes a chord with everyone at the school.

“This video isn’t just a video about drinking. It’s a video about a story. It hits people on a personal level because some of us knew Brady because he’s only a year older than us.. Most of us know Tyler because he’s in our graduating class, so it especially hits the people here at Leo Hayes on a personal level,” Burke said.

Burke says many people know of the dangers of drinking and driving, but not necessarily about the risk of alcohol poisoning.

“I think one of the biggest messages is don’t leave someone alone. Watch out for your friends, and watch out for people that even aren’t your friends,” Burke said.

“But basically, make sure that you’re not abusing alcohol.”

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Leo Hayes teacher Sister Karen Kelly helps organize Safegrad each year. Kelly says she knows the Grattan family is proud of Tyler for sharing the message. She hopes it will get through to others, especially right now with proms taking place.

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“If we can get the message out not just to our students, but to students everywhere, if it can save one life — as they say — if it can save one life it’ll certainly be more than worth it,” Kelly said.

The students also won a $1,300 prize from NB Liquor for their video.  Their winnings will go toward their Safegrad this Friday.