Charlie Sheen’s doctor claims he cured his HIV with goat’s milk

Charlie Sheen waits on the set of the 'Today Show' before formally announcing that he is HIV-positive in an interview with Matt Lauer on November 17, 2015. Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Last month, Charlie Sheen announced he had temporarily stopped taking his HIV medication because he was headed to Mexico for alternative treatments. Sheen only did that for a brief time, and is now back on his “regular” medication. He never disclosed what the alternative options he investigated were.

Now, the doctor who tried to treat him is speaking out.

In appearances on Real Time With Bill Maher and Dr. Oz, Dr. Samir Chachoua claimed he not only injected himself with Sheen’s HIV-positive blood, but also eradicated the virus with another one called Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus (CAEV), which he says he got from the milk of arthritic goats.

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“This virus destroys HIV and protects people who drink it for life,” he told Maher.

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Dr. Chachoua, who isn’t licensed to practice in Canada or the U.S., was adamant his method works, and insisted he cured an entire country of HIV.

“I’ve cured countries!” he exclaimed, referring to Comoros, a small archipelago off the eastern coast of Africa, which he allegedly “cured” in 2006.

That conflicts with his statement to Dr. Oz: he claimed that Sheen was the “first adult in history to go HIV-negative.”

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If Sheen is truly cured of HIV, then it’s unclear why he’s still taking his antiviral medication in the United States. The actor revealed he was HIV-positive in November 2015.


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