June rainfall in Winnipeg

Photo Credit: Daryle Friesen

While we are officially into summer, June wasn’t overly kind to Manitobans.

Rainfall amounts were huge in the city, but not quite record breaking. The Winnipeg airport registered 147.1 millimetres of rain last month, while The Forks saw a bit more, with totals amounting 170.3 mm.

To compare, in June 2013 we saw just 65.4 mm.

The normal for the month is 9o mm. So we certainly did surpass that number! This was the wettest June in 14 years. In 2000, we recorded 175.8 mm.

Overall, since Environment Canada began keeping data in 1872, this was the 12th wettest June on record.

The remainder of the week looks to be sunny, and staying dry with above normal temperatures set for the weekend. With the heat on Saturday, we could see some unstable weather roll through, as we will be feeling that humidex!

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Well deserved sunshine on the way!

Rainy Winnipeg. Photo by: Carla Dyck



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